Disadvantages of Using Regular Tapware to Senior Citizens and People with Disability

13 December 2022

Without integrating high-quality bathrooms, disability care centres, retirement homes, and private homes will never be complete. After all, bathrooms can preserve a person’s hygiene while residing or visiting the types of homes mentioned above.

The majority of these homes typically accommodate senior citizens and those with disabilities. And because of their existence, property owners should always put their security and safety first. Fixtures that could stop them from suffering injuries must be added, starting with the bathrooms. Because of this, you must understand why using standard or regular tapware just to save a few dollars is a bad decision.

Prone from Health Risk

Most individuals, especially the elderly and people with disability, frequently sustain skin injuries from regular taps that abruptly release hot or cold water that can scald or cause a thermal burn. Any incidences of scalding can be considerably decreased using Mixermate taps from Mixermate Australia. Mixermate taps are safe for everyone to use daily since they can efficiently adjust the desired water temperature.

Showers and tap mixers made by Mixermate can greatly increase the safety of its users. Older persons and people with disabilities can anticipate the water flow they can bear because you can change the water temperature of our fixtures in advance. After all, traditional hot showers and tap mixers require manual operation. Even worse, they are powerless to stop water flow even when it is already too hot or too cold.

Limited Functionality

Mixermate taps are superior to regular taps in terms of benefits and advantages because of their single-lever mixer technology. With the aid of a single lever and a thermostatic mixer, this tap will allow users, particularly the elderly and persons with disabilities, to easily manage the water’s temperature and pressure. Mixermate taps also promptly discharge the water temperature that you require. On the other hand, setting everything out for regular tapping would normally take a few minutes.

Additionally, we created the Mixermate tap mixers with simplicity in mind. These fixtures can supply the necessary water temperatures for older people and people with disability without running the danger of causing skin damage by simply turning the lever. Our expertly built-tap mixers remove the need for separate taps for different water temperatures. Their ease of use is especially helpful for older people and people with disability who lack the strength to utilise regular tapware.

Why It’s Best to Use Mixermate Products Than Regular Tapware?

At Mixermate Australia, our top priorities are the safety and well-being of our users. We, therefore, provide products that can aid in reducing any health risk for the elderly and those with disabilities. Our Mixermate thermostatic mixing valves and showers can help our users avoid burns and scalds or any other accidents while also helping reduce water use and costs. Our products also provide exceptional functionality that will truly benefit its users.

For access to our products, call us at (03) 9583 0965. We supply easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware that is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages and private homes.

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