Avoid Burns and Scalds with Mixermate Shower Mixer Taps

28 September 2020

A faulty water heater or any other water system can usually cause the occurrence of scorching hot water on taps and showers. And once this type of hot water touches the skin, it can easily trigger hot water burns or scalds. The occurrence of these burns or scalds most likely occurs in home properties where hot water is essential in performing daily personal activities or chores.

The Effects and Dangers of Scalding Water

Scalds usually take place whenever a person is exposed to extremely hot steam or water. Once a person is exposed to scalding steam or water, they can easily experience pain or damage to the skin and even risk the destruction of their tissues and cells. Aside from these effects, scalding water can sometimes cause shocks from the heat, which can be life-threatening and fatal for some people.

The severity of the burns from scalding water may be categorised into four groups. The first one is known as superficial epidermal burn. This type of burn only affects the outer layer of the skin, manifesting some redness, swelling, and pain. The second category would be the superficial dermal burn, which now affects the second layer of the skin. Some instances of pain and mild blistering may occur with this type of burn.

The third category, which is known as partial-thickness burn, is closely similar to the superficial dermal burn. The burn may either be extremely painful or painless, which now depends on how you got it. However, instances of swelling and blistering will surely occur with this type of burn. Lastly, a full-thickness burn affects all three layers of the skin. This type of burn now requires immediate medical attention since the skin has already burnt away.

Maximising Mixermate Shower Mixer Taps

A hot water bath can be relaxing. However, getting it too hot can be dangerous to your skin. To date, the dangers of scalding water are often experienced by children and elders. However, even other age groups can still experience the dangers and hazards of scalding water. Without any preventive measures in place, anyone can surely experience the negative effects of scalding water.

Fortunately, there are a lot of products out there that can now prevent the effects and dangers of scalding water. One of these products is the Mixermate Shower Mixer Taps. This type of mixer taps can easily regulate and limit the temperatures of the water within the preferred temperatures of the user. They likewise have safety features that will easily cut off the water supply or output if the water becomes too hot. These safety features allow these taps to avoid any instance of scald or thermal burn.

Aside from the prevention of skin-related damages, Mixermate Shower Mixer Taps can also help save water. Other systems would typically spend some water just to process its temperatures. With Mixermate Shower Mixer Taps, they can easily process the water and release it to the people in just a short time. Additionally, control over the operations of these taps is also great. Through their lever shower mixer, one can easily control the hot and cold water without spending too much. Children, elders, and adults can have easy access to their shower mixer taps through this lever.

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