Why Your Shower and Tap Temperature Matters in Thermostatic Mixers

26 May 2021

Homeowners typically have showers and taps on their properties so that their family members and visitors can use them anytime they want. Alternatively, owners of commercial properties, especially those who run healthcare, leisure, or multifamily properties, use these same fittings to make sure that their visitors, patients, or guests can stay clean and safe from diseases.

The presence of these fittings can benefit both types of properties. With showers and taps, people are assured of proper hygiene all the time. They can likewise feel more comfortable and relaxed, as long as the temperature of these fittings is appropriate and acceptable.

The Best Water Temperature for Shower and Tap

But before occupants of these properties can truly take advantage of showers and taps, the fittings must produce the best water temperature throughout their operations. The mere presence of the showers and taps cannot provide benefits to the users if they will produce very hot or cold waters. Instead, they might only cause harm to the people, especially to those who may have a hard time turning them off.

Showers and taps are known for producing up to 60°C so that bacteria growth in the waters can be stopped. However, many doctors suggest that users of showers and taps must only use waters of around 44 to 48°C to avoid scalding and to effectively remove dirt, bacteria, and other similar microbes on their bodies. Children, however, must only utilise water temperatures of 37 to 38°C to prevent injuries.

Maintaining the optimal temperatures of showers and taps can already provide great benefits to the users. Their overall mood can improve significantly. The same improvements can also be seen with their body system, particularly to the organs and blood vessels. Exceeding beyond this temperature range, on the other hand, allows specific skin layer to somehow melt away and subsequently cause skin injuries.

Thermostatic Mixers Can Bring A Lot of Benefits

To effectively maintain scalding and the growth of microbes on the water, property owners should install thermostatic mixers for their showers and taps. Through thermostatic mixers, homeowners can limit their shower and tap water temperatures up to 50°C. Properties that cater to children, the elderly, or people with disabilities, on the other hand, can set the thermostatic mixers’ temperature at around 44 to 45°C.

Through the installation of thermostatic mixers, properties are expected to receive the set water temperatures without any issues. Since these mixers can easily mix and blend hot water and cold water all the time, they are assured to provide the needed shower and tap waters instantly. And if the temperature rises above the limit temperatures, specific valves inside the thermostatic mixers will not produce any water to showers and taps until it goes back to normal.

Aside from being safe, thermostatic mixers can ensure that the water supply will not be wasted. Unnecessary heating and slowdowns that typically plagued other water supply fittings are guaranteed to be not experienced with thermostatic mixers.

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