Why Universities and College Dormitories Should Install Mixermate Taps and Thermostatic Showers

21 November 2018

Like any business, universities and colleges have to work within their budget to function efficiently. While there are many aspects of running an educational facility, when it comes to the day-to-day operating expenses, keeping an eye on power and water usage is a good way universities and colleges can save money.

Large universities and colleges can consist of a complex array of buildings that serve various functions; each building having different levels of water usage. Of all buildings dormitories have the best water saving potential. While saving money is important for running an efficient educational facility, delivering quality basic services to students in dormitories is also a top concern.

With the help of Mixermate taps and thermostatic showers, schools can significantly lower their water usage, and at the same time deliver quality, safe hot water to students in their dormitories.

Mixermate taps and thermostatic showers work well with water conservation programs at universities and colleges, as these can not only help to reduce water wastage, but also lowers energy usage roo, by effectively regulating the water temperature in dormitories.

Mixermate Taps and Thermostatic Showers for Universities and College Dormitories Helps Save Water and Energy

Thermostatic mixer taps are specially designed mechanisms that effectively regulate the temperature of water that is delivered to dormitory taps. They are easy to install and require no construction or drilling into walls, as they fit over existing hot and cold water taps; joining the two primary water lines together. Thermostatic showers have one lever that easily adjusts water temperature.

Thermostatic showers and taps preheat water to a certain, preset temperature that is locked into place. The temperature setting ensures that students are safe when showering by preventing water from getting scalding hot. They also help to reduce water usage because there is no need to fiddle or wrestle with separate hot and cold faucet knobs to adjust the water temperature.

Because thermostatic showers preheat water, student in dormitories do not need to let shower water run to reach a desired temperature, so there is no water wastage. Also, they remove the need to maintain huge hot water heaters, along with the energy required maintain water temperature. And, thermostatic showers eliminate hot water shortages on cold days, which is reason enough to install thermostatic showers in universities and colleges.

When considering all the advantages and benefits, it is obvious why universities and college dormitories should install Mixermate taps and thermostatic showers.

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