Why Should Bathrooms Require Mixer Taps and Showers?

28 April 2017

Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most important parts of households, for good reason, that’s because they are places where hot and cold water are used, especially in bathrooms. Since bathrooms and kitchens are so important in the daily lives of everyone, the usage of water and temperature control are taken into account everyday. The temperature of water from showers are very important in bathrooms, especially for very young children and elderly family members.

Water Use Weather and Climate

Weather and climate dictates the way people use the temperature of water, for example, no one wants to endure taking a bath with cold water in winter. Basically, hot and warm water is of the essence of taking a comfortable shower and bath. However, during hotter weather and in warmer climate areas, cold and cool water can be refreshing for bathing.

Unfortunately, for many households, getting the desired temperature of water consistently everyday isn’t easy, and, cases of scalding are not uncommon because of inconsistent and unexpected change in water temperature while showering. Sad to say, it is the very young and old that are usually effected because they are unable to adjust the water temperature fast enough to prevent getting burned. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent irregular and unexpected scalding hot water from spewing out from shower heads.

Benefits of Mixer Taps in Bathrooms and Showers

Fortunately, there are many inventions and modifications today that make life easier, things such as mixer taps, which allows for easy adjustment and control of the flow and temperature of water in bathrooms. Mixer taps are simply faucets with adjustable hot and cold water that effectively controls water temperature to prevent scalding, and that delivers the same water temperature every time.

Mixer taps should be required in bathrooms and showers for a few reasons, mainly for the safety sake of children and elderly. Mixermate mixer taps make adjusting and controlling the temperature and flow of water easy, as these have only one simple to use lever that can turn on and off water, with only the use of one finger. Installing Mixermate mixer taps is easier than you think, and only takes about one hour, without drilling any holes in the wall or the need to remove any bathroom tiles.

If there are children or elderly family members in your home, and you want to ensure their safety, by preventing scalding water from spewing out unexpectedly from your bathroom’s shower, then Mixermate mixer taps are for you.

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