Why Bathroom Renovators Should Consider Using Mixermate Thermostatic Taps and Showers

29 March 2018

There are countless different ways to address renovating your home and, in particular, your kitchen and bathrooms. For us, one of the easiest ways to massively improve your quality of living is to consider installing Mixermate Thermostatic taps. Mixermate taps have been making a HUGE difference for homeowners over the years and now the word is getting out. Today, we are going to talk with you about the many different benefits of Mixermate Thermostatic taps as well as the incredibly simple process that entails getting them installed into your home. Are you ready to change your bathrooms, kitchens, and showers forever?

The Mixermate Thermostatic Solution

Alright, so by this point you have to be wondering what exactly the Mixermate Thermostatic tap system is and how it can benefit your different faucets. We’re glad that you asked. As you renovate your bathroom, you are going to be given many different opportunities to make upgrades that improve both your utility bill and your actual quality of life. The Mixermate system improves both of those categories and it does so by addressing how you control the water that is emitted from your system. Let’s jump into a more technical summary:

Mixermate Thermostatic Taps & Shower Mixers – The thermostatic system is essentially produced in order to help people with sensitive skin, both young and old, control the water that comes into their home. This thermostatic system will keep your water under 38 degrees C unless you initiate the override and even then it will only reach 50 degrees C. There are also safety shutoff valves that kick in, in the case of dramatic changes in water pressure or temperature so as to prevent potential scalding.

Now, can you imagine why a system like this would be beneficial to have in your sink and shower? No more burning your hands, sensitive skin or not. You’ll also find that you spend less water because the water comes to you at the proper temperature, having been primed for your use. Nobody will ever complain about a lower utility bill, right?

Installing the Mixermate Thermostatic Taps and Shower Mixers

Now that we know more about the thermostatic system, how can you actually get it installed in your home? Surely something like this must be difficult to install, right? Well, that’s not the case at all. In fact, unless you are doing a special ‘in-wall’ system, it is so easy that you won’t even have to move any tiles! Renovators need only replace their existing taps, which makes this an ideal system even if you are a renter instead of a homeowner.

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