What Can Cause Temperature Inconsistency in a Thermostatic Shower?

29 September 2017

Taking a shower is a wonderful and refreshing experience, if the water is just the way you like it. Otherwise, nothing ruins a planned shower faster that a sudden change in water temperature. Whether it is a blast of ice-cold water, or scalding hot water, inconsistent water temperature is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous.

Scalding water is a serious concern, especially in homes where small children and elderly live, as they are less likely to either turn off or adjust shower valves fast enough to prevent scalding. Ice cold water is also a problem because it can cause people to jump or move back quickly in the shower, which can cause people to slip and fall. In fact, unexpected scalding water and ice-cold water bursting out of showers accounts for many home injuries, especially among very young and elderly people.

This is why it is recommended to install thermostatic showers in homes. The reasons for inconsistent water temperature in some homes can be linked to the following:

Water heaters – whether it is an improperly working water heater, or a water heater that is too small to meet your needs, then only cold water will come out of the shower head. This usually happens unexpectedly, to the surprise of the person showering, and it can be dangerous because most people will attempt to move away from the cold water quickly, which can and does sometimes cause people to slip and fall in the shower.

Pressure-balancing valves – the water pressure and temperature of the shower can be affected when someone either flushes the toilet or turns on a sink in the house, if there isn’t a pressure-balancing valve. A drop in water pressure when someone is showering can cause water temperature to change abruptly, typically reducing the cold water flow, which results in spurts of unexpected hot water.

Thermostatic showers can eliminate the risk of scalding and inconsistent water temperature and water pressure. However, there are times when even thermostatic showers experience inconsistent water temperature.

The Cause of Temperature Inconsistency in Thermostatic Showers

The main cause of temperature inconsistency from a thermostatic shower is usually due to a faulty thermostatic cartridge. The remedy is simple – just change the cartridge. Unfortunately, it is often difficult or impossible to find replacement cartridges for imported low-quality bar mixers because the brand names are often not anywhere to be found.

This is why purchasing a well-known and reliable thermostatic shower brand like Mixermate is recommended. Mixermate thermostatic showers are reliable, easy to install, affordable, high-quality, and made in Australia.

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