Warning Signs that You Need to Replace Your Thermostatic Shower Mixer

12 October 2020

Many homeowners utilise the properties and capabilities of thermostatic shower mixers. These shower mixers can easily provide the hot water needed for a relaxing and comfy bath. They also help regulate the water temperatures at a level that is preferred by the household. Energy efficiency is also prioritised whenever families purchase and install thermostatic shower mixers for their respective bathrooms.

With a defective thermostatic shower mixer, it would be difficult for families to have a relaxing bath. It can likewise make a huge effect when it comes to your overall energy expenses. The chances of having skin injuries due to scalding are also high if a household has no or has a faulty thermostatic shower mixer.

If you are not sure whether to replace your thermostatic shower mixer or not, then here are some warning signs that tell you to replace it right away.

Low Water Pressure

If the hot water that comes out of your shower is not that abundant even at its maximum limit, then your thermostatic shower mixer definitely has a problem. The water pressure of a thermostatic shower mixer can typically meet the needs and expectations of its users. But as time passes by, there is a chance that the components of the mixer have already been clogged by small minerals and elements. Corrosion can also decrease the water pressure as chipped off metal parts block the pathway of the water.

Constant Water Dripping

Water that drips from the showerhead even if you have completely turned the shower off may mean that your thermostatic shower mixer has some issues. While the mixing valve may cause the dripping problem, your thermostatic shower mixer may likewise have some components that require replacement such as flow cartridge. Water that escapes the thermostatic shower mixer even though the shower is not switched on may simply mean that it must be replaced right away to avoid wasting water.

Absence of Hot Water

A thermostatic shower mixer with low pressure can still provide a little amount of hot water to a household. However, those that do not release any hot water means that the thermostatic shower mixer has finally stopped functioning. A shower that releases cold water despite the presence of a thermostatic shower mixer means that it has problems with some parts like filters, valves, and thermostatic cartridge. Water heaters can likewise cause this problem, but you may want to have all of them checked just to be sure.

Outdated Appearance

Aside from water-related issues, a thermostatic shower mixer must also be replaced if it looks old-fashioned and out-of-date. Updating the looks of your thermostatic shower mixer allows it to blend well and match with the contemporary style and design of your bathroom. Additionally, it can easily complement the design brought by the whole shower system. Installing a new thermostatic shower mixer can make the whole bathroom modern and up to date.

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