Understanding the Basic Principles of Thermostatic Showers and Its Advantages

05 June 2015

Thanks to technology, being able to take a shower is a blessing that most of us take for granted. Hot water showers are even more amazing marvels that most of us consider to be commonplace. In fact, the commonality of hot-water showers throughout much of the Western and growing parts of the Eastern world has resulted in many people taking it for granted. There are even some people who find that hot-water showers can be an annoyance.

Let’s face it, hot water showers aren’t truly composed solely of hot water, but are rather a distinctly measured combination of piping-hot water with enough cold water to reach a desired temperature. More often than not this delicate combination can and does backfire, resulting in a bath that is either too hot or too cold for comfort.

Understanding Thermostatic Showers

Thankfully, there are modern innovations that help to correct this problem; helping people get the desired water temperature they’re after. A lot of specialised showers nowadays have a built-in thermostatic gauge. What is that? It is a special thermostat, one that records or is preset to determine your chosen ideal water temperature, guaranteeing that you get consistent results with each and every shower.

Some thermostatic showers even come with a one-touch easy to manipulate lever that allows individuals with special needs to readily turn on their showers, without the usual trouble involved with regular faucet-type showers which requires turning motions. The true benefits of thermostatic showers is not only because of the thermostat already built-in to the shower itself, but the ability to maintain an even water-temperature throughout each shower. It is very easy to adjust and change the temperature of the water with one hand, without having to turn two separate knobs. This is one of the main benefits of Mixermate, the single lever mixer tap.

Thermostatic showers may even have the additional benefit of built-in water softeners, water de-pressurisers, water filters, and other innovations that all contribute to a better, more comfortable, and more fulfilling showering experience!

The Ultimate Single Lever Mixer Tap and Thermostat

Don’t skip out on the opportunity to experience the best showers you’ll ever have, every time; instead, why not opt for a thermostatic shower today from Mixermate, you will be happy you did!

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