Top Reasons to Use Mixer Taps for Your Laundry Area

10 January 2023

Are you trying to find a laundry tap that is as cutting-edge and fashionable as your kitchen tap? You’ve come to the right place. Nowadays, laundry rooms use kitchen mixers instead of traditional taps since they are more attractive and modern. Therefore, consider adding a laundry mixer tap from Mixermate Australia if you want to modernise your laundry area without going over budget.

Using mixer taps in your laundry area is a smart idea because of the following reasons:

Temperature Control

The components of mixer taps allow you to quickly combine the access to both your hot and cold water. They are made to distribute water continuously with a steady flow and stable temperature. Your mixer tap can easily offer you hot water if you need it for your laundry. Alternatively, you can turn the mixer tap’s lever to the opposite side if you want cold water for washing your clothes and other items. Your access to hot and cold water may be limitless with mixer taps.

Water Usage Management

The water that comes from the water source is the only water used by traditional taps. Therefore, if the water from your source is cold, you will also get cold water. Additionally, heating the water for a few minutes before beginning your laundry can be a time- and water-waster if you need hot water. Fortunately, a mixer tap can assist you in managing your water usage. You can quickly access the water temperature you like with mixer taps without wasting any water.

Health Safety Features

Even when you are doing your laundry, it is crucial that you are safe and unharmed. You must also be free from bacteria and germs to keep a healthy physique. Thankfully, mixer taps protect you from scorching caused by unforeseen water variations. If you frequently use hot water for washing and other activities, mixer taps also help you mitigate and combat the risks of getting Legionella or other bacterial growth.


Because of how convenient they are, mixer taps are becoming more and more popular. The tap handle on a mixer tap already has all the features you’ll need for laundry-related tasks. By simply turning the tap handle in a particular way, you may control and adjust the water temperature of your tap. These taps can easily open and shut off your water supply. Mixer taps won’t subject you to any annoying issues with your water access.


In order to prevent taking too much water from the cold and hot water pipes at once, flow limiters are typically fixed to mixer taps. Practically, blending hot and cold water into a single flow may result in less hot water being used, which is better for the environment and your energy costs. Plus, if you want to help the planet by conserving water, then using Mixermate thermostatic taps is one way to do it.

Your life will be made simpler, safer, and more convenient if mixer taps are installed in your laundry area. If you want to have them, check out our list of products and call our team at Mixermate Australia at  (03) 9583 0965 for more details.

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