Thermostatic Mixermate Taps for Hotels and Motels

02 November 2017

Taps for hotels and motels are an absolute necessity, as such lodgings are a substitute of the homes of customers as they travel. All customers of lodges will need to use taps, and maintaining these can become one of the biggest utility expenses for hotels and motels. But by installing efficient thermostatic Mixermate taps, hotels and motels can benefit in many ways, mainly by saving money.

What are the benefits of thermostatic Mixermate taps for hotels and motels?

Cost Effective

Thermostatic Mixermate taps have a mechanism that is used to adjust both the water pressure and water temperature automatically. These are important features that will benefit hotels and motels by saving them money off monthly utility expenses because thermostatic taps prevent water wastage due to pressure problems, and from heating excess water that is never used.

Latest Technology

Old standard taps work, but their most basic function is not up to date with the latest technologies and functionality of newer taps. New thermostatic Mixermate taps are equipped with the technology that has features and benefits that old standard taps just don’t have. Such as a single lever control, preset water temperature, and a water pressure regulator. These are attractive features that appeal to hotel and motel guests, which can affect their lodging experience in a positive way.

Comfort and Convenience

The automatic temperature adjustment and shut-off mechanisms of thermostatic Mixermate taps provides customers with an additional level of comfort and convenience, by having the desired water pressure and temperature without any worry of fluctuation. Old shower taps don’t have these features, and people may worry and watch out for the possibility of water pressure fluctuations and extreme temperature changes that could result in scalding. Mixermate thermostatic taps eliminates the risk of scalding and water pressure fluctuations.

Easy Installation

Installation of thermostatic Mixermate taps in hotels and motels is very easy because there is no need to break drill holes into walls, cut or install piping, or any construction required. In fact, these just simply replace over the piping of old taps. This saves a lot of time and money for hotels and motels because installation is faster, easier, and does not require any construction, only the hiring of a plumber for professional installation.

Hotels and motels are businesses that place the utmost importance into achieving customer satisfaction and keeping operating cost down. Taps are one of the most important aspects that management of lodging businesses should consider; that is because every guest will use them during their stay.

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