Thermostatic Mixer Taps for Schools and Day Care Centres: Benefits for Children

12 July 2018

If you are like most people, you’ve likely never considered how important access to temperate water is through your water pipes. Having water on demand, be it cold or hot has always been something our generation has taken for granted. With that being said, just because accessing water is easy doesn’t mean it has been perfected. This is especially true in schools and day care centres, where water in your sinks must be accessible quickly and safely. Today, we are going to be discussing thermostatic mixer taps and how they can dramatically improve the environment of a school or day care for the children within. Are you ready? Let’s leap into the topic.

Thermostatic Mixer Taps: Powerful Benefits for Schools and Day Care

When you are dealing with small children, one of the most important things that you need to consider is safety. Safety in almost every form is thought about by responsible day care centres and educational facilities. With that being said, very few facilities pause to consider the importance of safe water access by way of fountains, taps and sinks. For children with sensitive skin, it is incredibly easy for them to become burned or otherwise injured by water that is too hot. Now, how can something like this be fixed? Don’t children and caretakers just need to be attentive? While that’s a good question, there is a way to be safe without needing any extra worry: thermostatic mixer taps.

1) What are thermostatic mixer taps?

To keep it simple, thermostatic mixer taps are special mechanisms that can be installed in-line to primary water sources. These devices work to moderate the temperature of the water being delivered to the taps.

2) What do the thermostatic mixer taps do?

Well, to start off, these thermostatic mixer taps will preheat water to a certain temperature where it will then be locked into place. This water will not be able to get hotter than a certain safe threshold, thus preventing people with sensitive skin from burning themselves.

3) What are the key benefits of thermostatic mixer taps?

We have labored the point pretty strongly so far but we’ll reiterate. These moderated water valves help to prevent children from turning the hot water on to a temperature that can hurt them. Additionally, pre-heating the temperature of the water means that you won’t be wasting time, money, or water by letting the taps run until they’ve ‘warmed up’.

Thermostatic mixer taps can be a huge benefit for both adults and children at schools and daycare centres. These taps are affordable, easy to install, and effective at helping to control the temperature of your water.

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