Thermostatic Mixer Tap for New Bathrooms

28 February 2020

To date, there are a lot of tap options out there for your bathroom. Different manufacturers have been creating new designs of taps for the benefit of homeowners. However, if you are looking for a tap that can be certainly beneficial and efficient to your newly constructed bathroom, then a thermostatic mixer tap is the best for you.

New bathrooms are frequently designed to bring the best layout and appearance that is available out there. Most homeowners these days would go for a modern and contemporary look and feel for their bathrooms. If you are among the mentioned homeowners, then the inclusion of a thermostatic mixer tap on your bathroom will certainly bring a lot of benefits to you.

Fresh Appearance

The thermostatic mixer tap is your best option for your new bathroom since it brings a modern look to your room. Its design matches the minimalist, sleek, and elegant appearance that every homeowner wants nowadays. It can also consume less space than other types of taps.

Added Convenience 

The control option for some bathroom taps requires two knobs, one that is for hot water and another for the cold one. This may be inconvenient for some people since some of them may turn on the knob that does not constitute their desired water temperature. With the thermostatic mixer tap, on the other hand, people can easily control the water temperature just by positioning the tap lever in a specific direction. Switching on and off this tap is also done through this lever.

Improved Versatility

As mentioned, the water that is coming out from the thermostatic mixer tap can easily be controlled through its single lever. Opening and closing the tap is also done through the same lever. This versatility makes the thermostatic mixer tap ideal for those who want to easily control the water with ease. Without any hassle, you are guaranteed to have a tap that can accommodate various water temperatures under one tap.

Enhanced Safety

Aside from freely positioning the lever, you can also adjust the lowest and highest water temperature that will come out of the tap whenever the lever is positioned on its extreme angles. This can prevent you from experiencing any sudden scalding or freezing whenever you open the tap. Moreover, this type of tap has a built-in pressure-balancing piston that can stabilise your water flow. This component prevents any abnormal water fluctuations whenever you use the tap.

Guaranteed Savings

The savings out of thermostatic mixer tap comes from the fact that it only uses one lever for all operations. You don’t even need to maintain two separate taps. Since all the water temperature operations are done through a single thermostatic mixer tap, then the electricity consumption is guaranteed to be cut by a huge percentage.

The thermostatic mixer tap is the best tap for a new bathroom since it brings a lot of functionality, convenience, and even essential savings under one great package. To know how a thermostatic mixer tap works, you can contact us at Mixermate Australia. We can provide you easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware that is ideal for your new bathrooms and other facilities or rooms.

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