Thermostatic mixer showers

11 November 2013

While many rave about the accessibility value and convenience of converting to a mixer shower, too few understand the aspect of better mixer showers that is literally the realization of generations of bathers – thermostatic control. Below, we will look at what thermostatic control is and how it benefits anyone who uses a shower equipped with it.

Thermostatic control is basically a sensor at the valve where hot and cold water are mixed together that monitors both temperatures of water. Should the supply of either hot or cold change, the valve itself compensates to keep the temperature steady, resulting in both safety and convenience benefits.

Safety Benefits of Thermostatic Mixer Showers

The safety benefit is essentially a protection from sudden bursts of flaming hot or icy cold water. Sudden cold water absence is the more common issue that occurs when someone flushes a toilet or turns on a faucet, which decreases the cold water available to the shower. The result is a stream of nearly pure hot water flying out of the shower head. If something happens to obstruct the hot water entering the shower, the opposite effect occurs, with suddenly very cold water streaming out. The danger of hot water is obvious, a person in the shower can get scalded. The shock of suddenly standing in very cold water can hurt people with certain health issues. Without thermostatic control, a person’s reflexes determine how long he or she stands in the suddenly dangerous stream of water, but with it the valve reacts before the water even gets to the shower head.

Convenience Benefits of Thermostatic Control in Mixer Showers

One of the benefits for people who prefer that showers be as brief as possible is the ability turn the water on full blast. Normally, this is not done because having the water on too high makes those shocking changes in water temperature more severe. With thermostatic mixer showers, full blast showers are perfectly safe for those who want to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Thermostatic control can be even more convenient for those who enjoy long, leisurely showers. A really long shower can drain the preheated water from the home’s water heater. The result of this is a shower that must constantly be monitored and adjusted to maintain that perfect temperature. With thermostatic mixer showers, this all goes on automatically so that the temperature remains constant as long as there are both hot water and cold water available.

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