Single-Lever Mixer Taps Gives Your Bathroom a Modern Look

17 June 2019

If you are looking to give your home a makeover, you might as well start in the bathroom. Did you know that most real estate agents believe that modernising your bathroom can lead directly to financial benefits when you decide to re-sell your property? It’s true! If you want to make your bathroom truly pop while providing you a variety of tangible benefits, you need to consider the installation of single-lever mixer taps. Today, we’ll walk you through how this small change can provide your home with a dramatic sense of improvement.

Modernise Your Bathroom with Single-Lever Mixer Taps

Single-lever mixer taps are currently all the rage when it comes to bathroom upgrades. If you grew up even just a decade ago, you likely were used to operating two individual taps. Each tap was designated for hot or cold water and you would have to carefully dial them in until you got your ideal temperature. Not only was that tap system more complicated than it needs to be, but it has since become woefully dated. Single-lever mixer taps are a staple for modernised bathrooms. Outside of aesthetic differences, what are the functional benefits of modernising your bathroom with this kind of tap?

1) Temperature Control – First and foremost, your single-lever mixer taps will make dialling in the perfect temperature easier than ever. Simply adjust the tap toward the right or left side and you’ll get water at the exact temperature that you wanted. Additionally, Mixermate taps can benefit you by providing you with pre-heated water that never exceeds the temperature that you dial in through the control system.

2) Modernised Appearance – If you were wearing clothing from a decade ago, do you think people would notice? While there is no accounting for taste, it’s pretty easy to make your bathroom look modern and aesthetically attractive. Single-lever taps not only look good, but they also reduce your space consumption. If you are like us, you can never have too much space near your sink. Why consent to let your bathroom grow dated? Grab a set of single-lever mixer taps, today!

3) Ease of Use – Finally, single-lever mixer taps will also provide ease of use for individuals who are physically impaired. With one hand free, you can easily adjust the tap to meet your exact needs. Additionally, the temperature setting that you choose will prevent scalding to those individuals who suffer from sensitive skin. Whether you have children or elderly individuals in your home, this is a huge benefit.

Don’t let your outdated bathroom keep you down. If you want a modern update that is easy to install without breaking the bank, single-lever mixer taps are your solution!

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