Simple Tips for Thermostat Mixer Shower Installation

29 February 2016

Nothing beats a long hot shower after an arduous day at work. Not so many years ago, hot showers were a pretty big deal, especially since people didn’t have the instantaneous comforts that our modern innovations now so easily provide – hot water heaters. In the past, water had to be boiled, and then cold water added to achieve the desired warmth; basically, people had to juggle between more hot or cold water until it suited their individual’s needs.

Nowadays, all one needs to do to get a hot bath is to simply twist and turn a few knobs to get either hot or cold water from their shower, giving them wondrous and nearly unlimited hot water to bathe with. But, a lot of people take these simple comforts for granted. Unfortunately, twisting and turning hot and cold faucet knobs isn’t that easy for some elderly folks, and those who have limited hand movement or other handicap.

Thankfully, thermostat mixer shower installation is available that can turn a shower’s hot and cold knobs into one lever that can easily control the flow of both hot and cold water.

Thermostat Mixer Shower Installation Tips

If you’re contemplating on switching to thermostat mixer shower taps by Mixermate, so you can get a nice hot shower, just the way you like it, every time, without having to juggle the hot and cold shower taps, then there is some information that can help you.

Basically, thermostatic mixers are the latest in bath-time innovation, allowing you to literally dispense hot bath water that is custom-adjusted to your desired temperature. Unlike conventional methods of water heating, thermostat mixers provide consistent and unlimited hot water, all with just the push of a button. Think that’s good? Well, thermostat mixer shower installation usually involves some construction, such as drilling into tiles and rerouting the plumbing. However, not so with Mixermate shower taps.

These do not require removing tiles or drilling into walls. It is easy to install, taking only about an hour, you can turn your hot and cold shower taps into an easy to use lever instead; no more twisting and turning shower taps. Unlike regular plumbing installations, an additional heating mechanism is added to your conventional plumbing system, which then allows for consistent access to hot water, which can be timed and adjusted to accommodate whatever preferences you may have.

If you think a hot bath is the pinnacle of domesticated comfort, and you an easier way to control your water temperature in the bathroom, then you need a Mixermate thermostat mixer for your shower.

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