Serious Accidents Can Happen if Your Mixer Showers are Bad and of Low Quality

29 March 2017

Surprisingly, there are thousands of people that experience serious accidents in their showers, sinks, and bathtubs every year in Australia, injuries such as thermal shock and scalding water. The main cause or contributing factors in these cases have mostly been due to a sudden increase of steaming hot water spewing out from shower heads. This happens without any means of temperature control, such as a mixer valve, or, as a result of mixer showers that are bad and of low quality.

Thermal shock is the main source of injuries in showers and bathtubs, and for anyone who has experienced a sudden burst of scalding hot water spewing out of a shower head knows how “shocking” it can be.

Related Shower Injuries from Thermal Shock

When there is a lack of reliable temperature control, and a sudden decrease or increase in water temperature flows out of a shower head, people are caught off guard and can slip and fall. A normal reaction is to try and evade scalding water, by quickly moving out of the way, while at the same time attempting to terminate the flow of too hot or too cold water. For homes without mixer showers, it can take much longer “trying” to turn the hot and cold water knobs off by twisting and turning them.

While shower mixer valves can have one lever to control and adjust the flow and temperature of water, bad or low quality mixer showers often do not regulate the temperature consistently enough to prevent thermal shock injuries from occurring.

Avoid Scalding Injuries with Reliable Shower Mixers

While avoiding injuries from thermal shock is important, scalding incidents are a more common home occurrence. In fact, 90% of scalding injuries happen in the home, and the victims are typically the very young and elderly, which are the most vulnerable because they have tender skin. The best way to avoid scalding and thermal shock injuries is to remove mixer showers that are bad and of low quality, and to replace them with reliable mixer showers that can be set to limit scalding water temperature.

If you want to guarantee that your family is protected from thermal shock and scalding injuries, then you need to get Mixermate shower mixers for your home. These are easily installed and do not require drilling holes in walls and tiles, they have one easy to use handle to control water temperature, and these can be programmed to prevent scalding water from spewing out.

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