Scalding Due to Sudden Temperature Fluctuations in Showers: Avoid this with the Mixermate Taps

16 December 2019

Isn’t it relaxing to just hop in your bathroom and get a quick warm shower to get rid of any pollution that you’ve got outside the whole day? Well, in most cases, showers can calm our nerves and help us remove any dirt from our bodies after spending the day outdoors. However, there may be some cases where people get to experience scalding due to numerous reasons.

Scalding Can Be Dangerous

Most households nowadays have their hot water systems so that household members get to control the temperature of their home’s water. While hot water systems vary from one model to another, they all perform the same function to every household. However, if this specific system fails, there is a huge chance that you’ll experience scalding.

Scalding can be dangerous since most scalding-related incidents have reported that patients would normally obtain first to second-degree burns. They get these burns from getting in contact with heated fluids like boiling water or steam. Accidental spilling of hot edible liquids like soup, coffee, and other hot materials can also cause scalding among people. Prolonged contact with hot water or any aforementioned substance can even get you third-degree burns. Treatment and hospital stays are necessary to treat some cases of scalding.

Mixermate Taps Can Help You

Luckily, there are some ways to preventing scalding. For people who will be using the bathroom, one way to prevent scalding is to fill a tub with cold water first then add hot water later on. Another way is to flush the toilet or use any machine that uses water to prevent sudden temperature fluctuations in showers. Adding to the list of preventing scalding is to install anti-scald devices and tools for you to enjoy your next shower trips.

To keep you from experiencing discomfort and scalding, the recommended temperature for your tap water must not exceed between 38 and 45 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the same as your showers so that you get to enjoy the benefits of having a warm shower. This specific temperature condition is possible with Mixermate since we have the right device for your anti-scalding needs.

A Thermostatic Shower Mixer for You

The Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower Mixer is designed for those who are sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations in showers and taps. It has a temperature selector handle that doesn’t go over 38 degrees Celsius, but can be manually overridden by a licensed plumber. During a shower, this specific device adjusts the water pressure and temperature to stay within the selected temperature.

One good thing about this shower mixer is that it shutdowns the water supply if it is interrupted. This response prevents water from being unprocessed that can result in scalding. Moreover, they are very easy to use since you can do whatever you want with your shower through a single lever. The ease of use also makes your shower safe since you don’t have to do a lot of things just to get the water pressure and the temperature right.

This specific shower mixer can help you prevent scalding and other harmful effects of sudden water temperature fluctuations. If you want to know more about our products, contact us now at Mixermate Australia.

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