Mixermate Thermostatic Showers and Taps: Ideal Solution for Granny Flats’ Plumbing Systems

13 November 2018

If you have elderly relatives, and you want to make sure that their granny flat has everything they need for day to day living, then you should definitely make sure that there is a Mixermate thermostatic shower and tap installed. One of the main benefits of thermostatic showers and taps is that these are specially designed to regulate water temperature precisely.

For example, hot showers are a perfect way to help elderly find relief from arthritis and muscle aches and pains. Ideally, water temperature between 96 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit is medicinal, as it relaxes and stimulates the skin, muscles, and joints. Safe, heated water also promotes blood circulation. However, unsafe hot water temperatures that exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous, as it can cause skin burn from scalding.

Anti-Scalding Thermostatic Showers and Taps for Granny Flats’ Plumbing Systems

Mixermate thermostatic showers and taps are perfect for granny flats’ plumbing systems, as these are affordable additions that do not require altering existing plumbing, or that need a contractor to install them. In fact, there is no drilling required or any need to remove wall tiles to install Mixermate thermostatic showers and taps, that’s because they replace and go over existing hot and cold water faucet knobs.

Once installed, Mixermate thermostatic showers and taps eliminate the risk of scalding because of steaming hot water raining down while showering. Not only are elderly family members safe from getting burned by scalding hot water, but they won’t have to worry about any extremely cold water coming out of the shower unexpectedly as well.

Thermal shock from unexpected cold water while showering can be dangerous too. People will instinctively jump or jerk backwards in the shower to avoid sudden extreme water temperatures. This can and often does result in serious injuries from slipping and falling in the shower, especially for those in their retirement years.

Safe Bathing Solutions for the Elderly

If you have elderly parents or family members living in a granny flat, then you want to make sure that they are as safe as they can be from potential harm from scalding and accidents caused by thermal shock. The best safe bathing solution for the elderly is to install Mixermate thermostatic showers and taps.

Themostatic showers and taps are affordable, simple to install (requiring only a plumber), and easy to use – Mixermate thermostatic taps have only one lever to adjust water temperature that can be manipulated easily with the use of only one finger.

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