Mixermate Taps: Understanding the Types of Shower Taps

10 October 2022

As a homeowner, you have a wide range of shower taps to select from based on your needs and budget, so it is important that you are informed of the features of your shower taps. In addition, if problems emerge after a shower tap installation, you will require information about the shower tap to replace or repair it.

While the majority of individuals take showers regularly, they are frequently uninformed of the technical parameters of the shower faucet. This article will assist you in determining which type of shower tap is installed in your bathroom.

The Type of Connection

In a traditional shower set, the shower head is attached to the ceiling or the wall with a pipe, making it difficult to modify the position of the shower head. However, an increasing number of people, particularly the old, children, and women, seek more control over the flow of water.

As a result, handheld showers like those available from Mixermate are becoming increasingly popular. These showers feature a flexible hose to connect the water supply to the shower head, which may be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

The Number of Handles

The number of handles on the shower will also vary. Some showers lack handles in favour of a control panel with buttons or other input choices that allow the user to control the water flow.

Most showers have a single handle that controls the water pressure and temperature. Some showers have two handles, one for controlling the flow of cold water and the other for controlling the flow of hot water. Showerheads with three handles are also available: one for hot water, one for cold water, and a third for diverting water between the shower head and the tub as needed.

Its Water Flow

The flow rate of a shower faucet is an essential factor to consider when choosing one. Depending on the pressure and temperature settings, water will typically come out of the shower at a consistent rate.

However, the water pressure in some showers will be different since they are pulsing or massaging. The water droplets are usually larger, and the pressure of the rain is lower. As a result, identifying the type of shower based on the water flow pattern is frequently simple if service is required.

Identify the Shower Tap Manufacturer

While the internal components of most shower faucets, such as valves, are identical, there are minor variances. As a result, the manufacturer of the shower tap should be appropriately identified for repairs. Each component of the shower tap will have a unique part number assigned by the manufacturer, and this part number is necessary for obtaining spares.

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