Mixermate Shower Mixers: Ensuring Safety for Your Kids and Loved Ones

24 October 2022

For the majority of us, taking a shower is a soothing and luxurious experience. Showering can cause anxiety and tension for parents of disabled children because they worry about their child’s safety while coming into touch with hot water. If they bump the tap or someone else uses the water in the house, will their child get scalded?

Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic shower is designed to ease parents’ concerns. Even when other taps, toilets, or washing machines are used, this unique technology combines hot and cold water to a predetermined and constant temperature. Additionally, the shower would immediately stop running if the cold-water supply failed to eliminate any risk of scalding.

Why Choose Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower?

People who are vulnerable to burns from tampering with the taps or sensitive to changes in water temperature should use the Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower Mixers. The temperature selector handle will not rise above 38 degrees Celsius and will only reach a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius if the safety lock is manually disengaged. A licenced plumber can adjust the temperature safety lock above 38 degrees Celsius if necessary.

The Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower Mixer automatically modifies the water pressure and temperature during a shower to maintain a temperature of +/- 2 degrees Celsius from the preset. The mixer will automatically shut down if the water supply is cut to prevent scalding. Occupational therapists, architects, and other professionals in the care sector recommend installing these valves in bathroom renovations. They are made in Sweden and are of the utmost quality.

The thermostatic shower valves from Mixermates are fully approved and made to Australian standards (AS4032.4:2014).

The Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower bring other benefits as follows:

It Helps Save Water

Because of the state of the environment, we must reduce waste, and a thermostatic shower tap can help us do that. We can regulate how much water is in the jet by integrating a highly accurate flow control knob. This technology can reduce water usage by 40% to 50%. At the end of the month, you’ll notice a difference.

Provides Greater Comfort

The ability to enjoy a steady temperature is another advantage of a thermostatic shower faucet. When we close the soap tap, we frequently have to re-regulate it and wait for it to get to the desired one when we open it. On the other hand, a thermostatic system ensures that the temperature stays consistent regardless of whether the tap is opened or closed.

It’s Aesthetically Appealing

The thermostatic shower faucet has an advanced design in addition to the advantages it gives in terms of how it functions. While remaining inventive and modern, elegance is still maintained. In other words, a solution guarantees our highest level of comfort while perfectly blending its aesthetic into our bathroom.

Check our range of products if you want to instal Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic showers in your home. You’ll be pleasantly impressed by our products’ styles and build quality. And if you want additional details, call us at (03) 9583 0965. We’ll be happy to help.

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