Mixermate Lever Style Tap: Benefits for Laundry and Shower Use

29 January 2020

One of the most used facilities in every household is taps. You see, taps are used in washing our hands, taking a shower, or even doing our laundry. With the help of the water heater, the water that is coming out maybe regulated depending on your needs. However, the hassle of waiting for the water temperature to rise may take too much time before you can do your chores or activities.

Laundry has been an activity where water is utilised and even maximised. Believe it or not, laundry works consume more water than taking a shower. However, it is also inevitable that showers can also cost a huge percentage of your water bill since showers are done more frequently than laundry works.

Fortunately, Mixermate Lever Style Tap can provide a solution to your water temperature and consumption problems. Even so, Mixermate Lever Style Tap can bring benefits for your laundry and shower use because of its following properties and underlying features.


What makes Mixermate Lever Style Tap a good choice for both laundry and shower use is its versatility. From your bathroom to your laundry room, these taps can certainly work anywhere. In fact, you can even add a shower mixer to your mixer tap so that you can use it if you want to take a shower. This added accessory allows you to switch between flow from the taps and a shower attachment. Removing this shower mixer can convert your mixer tap into an ordinary tap for your laundry use.


In a normal setting, a total of two taps are installed to house two different water temperatures—hot and cold. Moreover, the water temperature of these conventional taps is fixed that you cannot even adjust it without going through a lot of plumbing works. With Mixermate Lever Style Tap, you have the liberty to control your water temperature and even the water flow according to your needs. You don’t have to wait for a long time just to get the water temperature that you need for your laundry. You can also take your shower right away.


The whole mechanism of Mixermate Lever Style Tap is designed to bring water to your home with ease. You are ensured that you can use this tap without going through a lot of process. If you want cold water, just move the tap in the designated direction of your desired temperature. This process is the same as warm or hot water. With this tap, you don’t have to run both of your conventional taps simultaneously just to get the temperature that you want.


Adding cold water to hot water is the common strategy that most of us do with conventional taps. With this strategy, however, we are more prone to scalding that can be dangerous to our skin. Through Mixermate Lever Style Tap, you have the opportunity to get your desired temperature right away. You can prevent water fluctuations that would normally lead to scalding. This feature can be helpful if you want to do your laundry or take your shower right away.

Mixermate Lever Style Taps are useful in taking a shower or doing your laundry because of the aforementioned factors. If you are interested in having one, you can enquire with us at Mixermate Australia.

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