Mixermate: Best Taps without the Hassle of Difficult Installation

30 January 2017

There is a saying: “The difference between savagery and civilisation is as simple as a cold dip versus a warm bath.” A warm bath has become a pinnacle of genteel comfort over the years, although many people love hot baths, it is difficult to achieve a consistent temperature every time. Times have changed since the need to hand-boil water to fill a tub for bathing, even though water heaters are available today, consistent water temperature is not guaranteed.

Pumped in water is now an essential part of nearly every home in Australia, and standard bathroom taps are the main means to regulate and control the flow and temperature of water for bathing. However, consistent water temperature isn’t guaranteed because people have to turn both the hot and cold faucet knobs at the same time to balance water temperature, unfortunately, the water temperature is never the same twice.

Thankfully, there are thermostatic mixer taps available that are easy to use because these only have a single lever to operate to control water flow, with the capability to preset the water temperature, so that you get the same warm or hot water every time you take a bath or shower. Although, many thermostatic mixer taps do require light construction to install them, it is because of this that many people choose not to get them.

No Hassle Installation of Thermostatic Taps from Mixermate

Thankfully, there is a thermostatic mixer tap that does not require ‘any’ construction or the altering of your home’s plumbing to install, which is often expensive. Instead of altering a home’s plumbing, Mixermate’s brand of thermostatic mixer taps are easy to setup because these simply fit-over your existing plumbing.

Basically, with Mixermate taps, there is no need to perform any construction during installation that would include destroying any pre-existing tile work or sections of walling, such as the need to drill holes into the wall, or to alter any bathroom plumbing, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

If you want consistent water temperature in your home for bathing, then you need an affordable thermostatic mixer tap from Mixermate, installation is non-evasive and can be completed in less than an hour.

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