Mixer shower vs typical showers

25 September 2013

With more people turning to mixer showers as their bathing option of choice, many are left wondering what’s so great about them and how they are better than typical traditional showers. Below, we will look at a couple of the factors that make mixer showers an increasingly popular choice with knowledgeable buyers.

The first major advantage a mixer shower boasts over the traditional shower is accessibility. Once installed, a bather can use the simple lever to easily turn on both the desired amount of spray and the desired temperature. Compared to a typical shower with its rotary controls, the control lever of mixer showers is easier in any conceivable way. Because of this ease of use, people who have trouble with traditional shower knobs, sufferers of severe arthritis or otherwise disabled persons, love the freedom that mixer showers introduce to their lives.

The second advance that mixer showers demonstrate is something that has been a dream since hot lines were first introduced to homes – automatic temperature control. Lack of temperature control has been a crippling limitation of typical showers for so long that the concept has become a meme. Comedy television shows are full of examples where someone is in the shower and someone else who wants to somehow punish them does so by flushing the nearest toilet. The resulting scream as their comfortable shower instantly becomes a boiling torture device is met with laughs. Anyone who has had encountered this phenomenon in real life knows that having water that is near boiling in temperature spray across your naked body is nothing to laugh about. By incorporating thermostatic control into the valve of mixer showers, this danger becomes a thing of the past.

With the easier temperature control, mixer showers also allow something else that most of us find more satisfying in a shower, increased flow. In the past, there was only one possible defense against the sudden spike in temperature that a typical shower allows. That defense was not running too much water in the hope that the sudden lack of cold water will be buffered by the fact that very little hot water is running. The thermostatic protection built into many mixer showers allow the water to be turned on more without this worry, resulting in shorter showers as the healthy flow makes rinsing far more efficient.

Switching from one way of doing things typically involves a pros versus cons calculation. Moving from typical showers to mixer showers is an area where things get better on every front.

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