Mattsson Thermostatic Shower: What Makes This Product Really Safe and Easy to Use?

11 April 2017

Hot showers are one of life’s most simple comforts and have medicinal value too, but having the perfect hot shower wasn’t always as simple as it is today, using thermostatic showers. Back in the old days, hot showers were a gamble that resulted in tepid and uninteresting showers, or scalding and potentially injurious ones, thanks in part to the then unreliable heating sources commonly used to heat water for bathing.

While the ability to heat water is important for showering, consistent and precision water temperature matters a great deal for bathing very young children, the sick, and the elderly. Thankfully, there are modern heating and water regulating innovations that make water heating inconsistencies less and less common in the developed world, especially with shower accessories like the Mattsson thermostatic shower.

Mattsson Thermostatic Shower is Safe and Easy to Use

Unlike most other showerhead heaters, Mattsson thermostatic shower heaters possess a highly user-friendly and accurate temperature control system that delivers a consistent supply of water, which is heated to the exact temperature preferences of the bather. This simple mechanism allows any shower to be converted into every bather’s dream – delivering consistent hot water each and every time, without fear or worry of sudden temperature fluctuations.

The ability to preset and regulate consistent water temperature makes the Mattsson Thermostatic Shower ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, nurseries, and other places where the need for a reliable warm and comforting shower is a must., and, it eliminates the risks of accidental scalding to sudden shocking blasts of cold water. Its adjustable thermostatic setting option also makes it perfect for home and business applications – like in gyms and public baths, since it can deliver a fully-customised showering experience that can easily be adjusted to the preferences of the user.

Its simple shower controls allows for both the elderly and very young to adjust water flow with relative ease, and, it effectively regulates water temperature, thus removing the risk of scalding. So, if you are looking for a thermostatic shower mixer that will automatically adjust to a comfortable, preset water temperature that you select, and that will prevent scalding and sudden temperature changes, then the Mattsson Thermostatic Shower is perfect.

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