Know the Right Water Temperature for Your Thermostatic Shower

28 March 2022

It is essential that you know the right water temperature for your thermostatic shower to ensure ongoing safety for all of the members of your household. Over 90 percent of all home scalding accidents occur in bathroom showers or tubs. These accidents usually affect small children or older adults who lack the right quick responses to regulate water flow that is far too hot.

Hot water at 68 degrees C can cause a full-thickness scald within one second of exposure to the skin. At a temperature of 50 degrees C, hot water can cause the same level of injury within five minutes. By carefully regulating the hot water temperature for your thermostatic shower, you can prevent serious scalding accidents from occurring in your home.

Australian plumbing laws today require a maximal water temperature of 50 degrees C at each showerhead or tap outlet. For households that include small children, elderly family members or disabled individuals, the maximum hot water requirement is 45 degrees C.

More Important Points About Safe Shower and Tub Hot Water Temperatures

Additional valuable information about safe hot water temperatures for your home’s thermostatic shower or tub include the following:

• Using Tempering Valves. To prevent the development of bacteria in hot water systems, the water must be stored at a temperature above 60 degrees C. By using a tempering valve, you can make sure that the water that flows from this system into your shower or tub is at a safe lower temperature.

Hot water systems that were installed prior to 5 August, 1998, are most likely not tempered. You can resolve this safety issue by installing a tempering valve or installing a thermostatic mixing valve and setting the maximum hot water temperature desired.

• Mixing Hot and Cold Water.
In most hot water systems, the maximum hot water temperature, such as the ones given above, are not actually safe water temperature for bathing. For safe bathing, you may need to mix hot and cold water. The recommended safe bathing water temperature for young children is 37 to 38 degrees C.

Some safety measures that you can take to prevent hot water burns in your home include running cold water first when helping your child bathe or shower. You should never leave a young child alone to bathe or in the care of another child who is just a year or two older. Also, keep the bathroom door closed, even when not in use, to help prevent children from playing in the tub or shower.

By contacting our experts at Mixermate Australia, you can obtain excellent professional advice and information about keeping your home bathroom’s hot water at safe bathing temperatures. Our experienced staff will guide you in selecting the best safety measures to use in your current household.

They can also suggest ways to make your youngsters aware of the importance of preventing hot water burns and scalding in the home. Our team will ensure that you have the latest safety equipment, knowledge and techniques to keep your household safe while using the hot water for daily baths.

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