Kitchen Mixermate Mixer Taps: Why Hot Water is Beneficial in Dishwashing

30 April 2018

Mixer taps are becoming a very common site to see in showers and bathroom sinks all over Australia, however, mixer taps are also ideally used in kitchens too. In fact, kitchen Mixermate mixer taps are the best to use for those who prefer hand-washing their dishes, instead of using a dishwasher. There are definitely advantages of using mixer taps in the kitchen to hand-wash dishes.

While dishwashers rely on hot water to clean dishes, glasses, pots, and pans, they do use a lot of water in the process, not to mention a considerable amount of electricity too. On the other hand, much water can be saved de-greasing pots, pans, plats, and dishes by soaking these in hot water, the old-fashioned way. Surprisingly, the reason why hot water is beneficial for dishwashing is unknown to many people today.

The Reason Why Hot Water is Beneficial in Dishwashing

There are a few good reasons why using hot water to wash dishes is beneficial, mainly, hot water actually helps to loosen and lift grime, grease and food from dishes and pots. Basically, when dishes, plates and pots are soaked in hot water, they are much easier to clean, even when no dishwashing soap is used. Other reasons why hot water is beneficial for dishwashing include:

Kills bacteria and microorganisms – to effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms, hot water is needed. This is why many people choose to use dishwashers to clean their dishes because dishwashers produce lots of hot water, but they also use up much energy in the process. Using Mixermate kitchen mixer taps, you can produce hot enough water to kill bacteria and microorganisms by soaking your dishes, plats and pots.

Effective at removing grease
– soaking pots and pans in hot water will definitely loosen grime, food, and grease. However, if you want to make sure that there is no nasty greasy film, then you need to rinse your dishes in hot water that is hotter than 90 degrees.

Drying time is faster
– another benefit of rinsing your dishes in hot water, hotter than 90 degrees, is that they will dry faster than if you use warm or cool water. Not only that, but your dishes will dry streak-free.

If you want to conserve hot water and reduce your monthly energy bill, then get Kitchen Mixermate mixer taps for your home. Hand-washing your dishes using hot water to soak your dishes will not only loosen food, grime and grease, but it will effectively kill germs and microorganisms, help to conserve hot water, lower your electrical bill, and dry your dishes faster, streak-free.

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