How to Ensure Safe Tap Water Temperature in Your Home

09 February 2022

Your home will never function optimally if it does not contain taps and other related fittings. These essential elements, after all, help in providing water for your cooking, cleaning, and hygienic needs.

Now, not all taps can generate a consistent water flow and temperature right away. And without any added fittings and accessories, the tap water might not be compatible with the needs of the occupants. Worse, it might only generate risks to their health.

The qualities of your tap water, therefore, should be regulated effectively.

The Problem with Hot Water

Taking a bath or washing hands with warm to hot water has been said to be beneficial for people who often maximise water heaters. Generally, warm or hot water has been proven to be effective in improving mood, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, relieving cold or flu symptoms, moisturising the skin, and relieving muscle tension. The only problem with these activities is that many homeowners and occupants tend to set the water temperature higher than what their bodies can tolerate.

Going beyond 50 degrees Celsius is said to be dangerous for one’s health. Once you or others are exposed to water beyond the said temperature, you may easily attain skin injuries in just a few seconds. It can likewise generate scalding, which is a form of thermal burn caused by boiling water or steam.

Ensure Safe Tap Water Temp

Now, to make sure that your tap water will attain a safe temperature, you must find the thermostat dial of your water heater and set it to 49 degrees Celsius. If the dial, however, does not give you an option to hit the exact temperature, you must set the water heater to a ‘warm’ setting instead.

This specific advice, however, is only applicable if you can see or adjust the thermostat. If not, then you have no choice but to call a licensed plumber.

Alternatively, you may invest in fittings that can grant you easy water temperature control. One of the fittings that you can install to regulate water temperature effectively is thermostatic taps. Thermostatic taps or even showers can be beneficial for your home property since they can release similar water temperatures all the time. Once they have detected that the predetermined water temperature cannot be achieved, they would immediately prevent the water from being released.

Purchase Thermostatic Taps

To ensure the safety of your family and visitors, then you must obtain thermostatic taps and showers from us. We, at Mixermate Australia, have been supplying easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware that is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages and private homes. We can even turn your old hard-to-use taps into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap so that they can be ideal for many people.

With our Mixermate tapware, you can easily avoid expensive plumbing costs as there is no need to remove tiles to install your new taps.

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