How Thermostatic Mixing Valves Can Help Prevent Third Degree Burns

30 January 2018

The most common burn injuries among all age groups is from hot water scalding, this is mainly because non-compensating type shower valves in bathrooms cannot regulate water temperature. And, it is young children and elderly who are at the greatest risk of third degree burns and thermal shock.

Sudden increase in hot water, or the unexpected decrease in cold water, can catch people by surprise. This can cause thermal shock, which can cause a person to slip and fall in the shower while frantically attempting to turn off scalding water. Fortunately, today, technology exists that can effectively prevent third degree burns, and thermal shock from scalding water, with thermostatic mixing valves.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves Prevent Third Degree Burns and Thermal Shock

How does thermostatic mixing valves prevent third degree burns caused from scalding hot water? Basically, thermostatic mixing valves are designed to regulate and limit hot water to a desired, safe temperature that you can set.

Water temperature can easily be controlled with only one lever because the mixer valve effectively combine the hot and cold water lines, thus eliminating having to rely on turning two separate knobs to attain the ideal temperature you want to shower with.

How does thermostatic mixer valves work?

Inside the water mixing chamber of the valves is a thermostat where water temperature is sensed and regulated. If water becomes too hot, the seat assembly will automatically cut of the flow of water. In the same way, it normally functions by controlling the flow of hot and cold water in the mixing chamber before it is allowed to flow through a shower head or faucet.

When you install Mixermate thermostatic mixer valves, you can set the limit on the maximum water temperature, it is a built-in feature. With this anti-scalding technology, water will be limited to roughly 38′ Celsius. However, you are able to manually override this safety feature, but water will still be regulated to a maximum of 50′ Celsius to eliminate the risk of scalding burns.

Without a doubt, Mixermate thermostatic mixer valves are the best way to maintain steady water temperature. This is because these have a built-in automatic shut off system that prevent third degree burns, and they also ensure regular water pressure too.

Shower in comfort and safety, with Mixermate thermostatic mixer valves. Set your ideal temperature and feel confident knowing that you and your family are protected from third degree burns caused from scalding water.

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