How Do Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities Benefit from Thermostatic Tapware?

29 April 2021

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities cater to the medical needs of people. And through these facilities, those who may be injured or are sick can be treated optimally, especially to the ones who are required to stay in these places for a specific amount of time.

One element that these facilities should have and possess is thermostatic tapware. Patients who are going and using the restrooms often wash their hands as part of their hygiene. Even doctors and other healthcare professionals have to maintain cleanliness by washing their hands. To ensure that their hands will be cleaned, they should utilise hot water to effectively get rid of bacteria and germs.

Thermostatic tapware can provide hot water to hospitals and other healthcare facilities without causing scalding and burning. It likewise has the following features that can be beneficial for these places.

Safe Water Output

A notable feature of thermostatic tapware that other types do not possess is guaranteed safety. Thermostatic tapware, with the help of a professional plumber, is known to limit the temperatures of the water that is being released for consumption. Aside from setting the limits of the water temperatures, this specific type of tapware can adjust the water pressure to the optimal level, ensuring that the water supply will not fluctuate frequently. All these limitations allow tap users to be free from scalding and burning.

Ensured Hygiene

With the presence of hot water alone, the installation of thermostatic tapware on hospitals and healthcare facilities can help ensure the proper hygiene of the people in these places. The combination of hot water and soap can effectively get rid of harmful microorganisms among patients and healthcare professionals, which then protects them from getting sick or spreading diseases. Hygiene is also maintained by the tapware’s lever as people do not need to touch it firmly for it to work.

Ergonomic Design 

Another great feature of thermostatic taps is that they can be operated by a single lever. The lever itself can control the temperature of the water if ever someone uses the thermostatic tap. Elderly, disabled, and those with arthritic conditions can even adjust the water output and temperature of the tap by just controlling the lever, allowing this type of tap to be very useful in healthcare settings. With just one hand, users of the taps can enjoy the benefits of hot water without any difficulties.

Significant Savings

Since both cold and hot water can be regulated by the thermostatic tapware, it can easily provide hospitals and healthcare facilities significant savings when it comes to overall water consumption. With this specific type of tapware, energy is often maximised only if water is needed. So, once the tapware is closed, it will not consume energy in combining water that is not truly required or needed. Savings on both water and energy can increase significantly with these taps.

If you want to obtain thermostatic tapware for your hospital or healthcare facility, feel free to contact us at Mixermate Australia. We supply and install easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware that is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages, and private homes.


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