Hot and Cold Thermostatic Mixer Showers: What Makes This Beneficial for Everyone?

31 March 2016

Hot baths have always symbolised one of the pinnacles of ‘civilised’ comforts, and has become a mainstay in many cultures throughout the world, as a perfect means to alleviate the stress of a long, hard day. In the old days, hot baths were an absolute luxury that could only be afforded by a select few, specifically those individuals who had access to enough water and firewood. Preparing a hot bath was also time-consuming, and often something that a person could simply undertake without help.

Because of the often exacting needs required to procure hot baths, and the scarcity of water in some areas in the early years, or the lack of available and readily dispensable fuel to heat water, hot baths became the epitome of deluxe comfort. The association of regal excess and pampered luxury with hot baths did not diminish, but rather, became more coveted overtime, even though it became more accessible to people from all walks of life.

Today, hot baths are an integral part of any household, especially during the colder months where it is a very welcome and comforting respite from the inclement weather.

Hot and Cold Thermostatic Mixer Showers

Hot baths and hot showers were initially made more readily available thanks to the introduction of specialised electronic or coal-fuelled heaters, that were directly linked to a water reservoir jacked into a household or property’s plumbing system. This new norm sadly only provided a limited supply of consistently hot water, and often in varying levels of warmth, from tepid to piping hot, depending on how recent the heating system was turned on or how long the water in the reservoirs have been stored.

Thankfully, these dated methods of water heating have slowly been replaced by more efficient procedures, and some that even guarantee a consistent and unlimited supply of hot water pre-set at your desired temperature – known as hot and cold thermostatic mixer showers. These have slowly begun to replace conventional water-heating technologies, thanks to its superior mode of water heating.

Unlike typical heaters, a hot and cold thermostatic mixer shower provides you with a consistent supply of water at your choice temperature, all at the push of a button. You will not even have to worry about filling up reservoirs or making sure that water doesn’t get too hot, since the technology is installed directly into your plumbing. This is beneficial for everyone in the house, for two main reasons. Because hot water is produced instantly, there is no waiting, and it only has one easy to adjust lever, instead of two hot and cold faucet knobs to wrestle with, making it very easy to turn the water on and off.

Perfect for places that require a non-stop supply of available hot water, like bed-and-breakfast inns, as well as hospitals and senior homes. It is wonderful for households of all sizes, hot and cold thermostatic mixer showers revolutionise the way you experience comfort while showering.

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