Hot and Cold Tap: Why is this Important for your Laundry Area?

18 June 2015

Hot and cold taps are commonly found in kitchen sinks and bathrooms, but not as common in laundry rooms. It is a typical faucet feature for places where bare skin is exposed to water; generally as a preventive measure from getting your hands either too hot or too cold, and because hot water plumbing and cold water plumbing are separately installed. However, having both hot and cold running water in the house is an often underappreciated luxury that many people now tend to appreciate.

While there is undeniable logic in installing hot and cold tap faucets for your kitchen sink and shower, there are still homes which don’t have hot water installed in the laundry area that is available, other than for the dedicated use of the washing machine.

It may be assumed that hot and cold tap feature and a basin, or sink in the laundry area is an unnecessary luxury, but there’s a number of reasons why opting for the feature can prove beneficial, making things easier for the person charge with ‘doing’ the laundry. Here are some very obvious and overlooked reasons why hot and cold taps are indispensable for your laundry area.

Why Opt for Hot and Cold Taps for Your Laundry Area

While most people in Australia today no longer do manual laundry, some people nevertheless still opt to launder their own clothes by hand, and a sink in the laundry room is a must. Not only is having a sink in the laundry room needed when washing clothes by hand, having access to hot water is equally important.

A little known laundry fact for those who may not know, since the bygone eras, using hot water for soaking and washing dirty clothes makes the chore easier, more efficient in removing dirt, and makes it easier to rinse with cold water when done.

Gone are the days when large tubs of water were boiled regularly during the interim of a laundering day, however, thanks to the innovations brought about by mixed-water taps, opting for either hot or cold water for your laundering needs is now easier than ever!

Seller of Hot and Cold Taps

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