Experience Soothing Steam Showers with Mixermate Taps

04 December 2015

Over the last 50 to 60 years, technology has touched our lives in various ways that, mostly for the good. One such technology that has helped people everywhere is designed for home plumbing use – thermostatic taps are one of those inventions that make our lives easier, not in a hugely drastic way, but in little helpful ways that matter.

These convenient taps are being installed in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and other parts of the home. However, aren’t they extremely useful for laundry purposes too? They are, and if you are looking for a little help while doing your laundry, and you want to know what benefits such a tap will bring, then here’s what you ‘need’ to know.

Too Hot, Too Cold – Water is Just Right with Thermostatic Taps for Laundry

How many times has it happened that you regretted putting clothes in extremely hot or cold water? When the water is too hot, it often reduces fabric life of clothing and makes it look dull over time, so finding just the right temperature water is important. Constantly turning valves and getting the right temperature isn’t quick, and in many homes it isn’t easy. With thermostatic taps for laundry, you will never face this kind of problem every again.

Whether you are talking of home laundry or professional laundry services, saving resources in form of electricity and water is critical, and Mixermate taps can help. That is exactly where these taps come in handy, because you do not have to waste time waiting for the right temperature or even overheating with thermostatic taps. Basically, these taps help save a lot of money in the long run, especially for large households and commercial laundry companies.

Did you know that thermostatic taps for laundry can be customized? Depending on the temperature you desire, these allow you to alter the water supply from both the hot and cold pipes, and then set it the flow to give the exact water temperature you want, every time. In this way, it ensures the safety of your kids, by preventing any unexpected scolding hot water from spraying them, or anyone else in the house.

Any licensed plumber can install your Mixermate thermostatic taps in any part of your home. And, the best part, you do not need special permission or space to get one of the thermostatic taps installed in your home, because these taps don’t require altering your plumbing, they are mounted onto your hot and cold water faucet knobs.

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