Essential Benefits of Mixermate Handheld Showers You Don’t Want to Miss

12 April 2023

Although handheld and mounted shower heads both offer benefits, if you’ve been using a mounted shower head for some time and want to try a new portable shower head, you might be delightfully surprised. The versatility of Mixermate’s handheld shower head provides a variety of new uses and conveniences. When you purchase your next shower head, consider these essential benefits of Mixermate handheld shower heads:

Assisted Showering

People of all ages, from young children to the elderly, can benefit from an improved showerhead’s comfort and convenience in a home. Let’s say you have older family members living in your home. In that situation, a handheld shower head can greatly assist both the disabled and those who are not, allowing them to take a shower on their own easily. Using Mixermate handheld shower heads helps older people feel more independent and regain their confidence. These flexible shower heads allow even persons with disability to take showers while seated in a wheelchair.

Helps Reach Hard to Reach Places

You are no longer required to strain to rinse thick shampoo or conditioner from your hair. Mixermate hand-held shower heads work well to quickly and completely clean your hair. Without having to worry about losing soap suds or turning your head 90 degrees to rinse awkward areas like behind your ears, you can pull a handheld shower head closer to your head and direct the water wherever you want it to go for a thorough rinse. You won’t have to worry about rinsing your hairline while splashing soapy water in your eyes and over your face.

Less Strenuous

To get the water streams to strike your body where needed to rinse off lathered soap, you must move around while having a shower. Nevertheless, if you’re tight or sore, experiencing arthritis pain, recovering from an injury, or have any other physical limitations, taking a shower might be a difficult, exhausting task. Instead of moving your body around to allow the streams of water to reach different parts of your body, you may draw down a handheld shower hose and bring the streams of water to you.

Flexible Functionality

Just mount your handheld shower head back to the wall if you decide that you’d prefer to stay with a conventional mounted shower head. A handheld shower head can be mounted or used as a separate, detachable one. When taking a shower, you can use the handheld shower head’s extended reach for specific tasks, then simply re-attach it to use both hands when necessary. You still have the choice to utilise a mounted shower head hands-free on days you prefer, and you can benefit from the best of both worlds.

If you want to enjoy these essential benefits that a handheld shower head can bring you, order yours now at Mixermate Australia. We offer a range of excellent and quality products ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages and private homes. Contact us today to discuss the type of mixer tap you need.

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