Efficient Mixer Taps Can Help Lower Water Consumption

10 January 2017

In some places water is a precious resource that needs to be conserved, especially in areas where municipal water is not available and ground water is limited. Even in the suburbs and cities, where water is pumped into homes, the cost of water is another good reason to lower water consumption. Basically, reducing water consumption in a large home is easier said than done, this is especially true for big families.

However, there is a better way to lower home water consumption rather than just relying on all the members of a home to exercise restraint when using the shower or washing dishes in the sink. Mixer Taps – an effective and easy way to lower water consumption at home.

Benefits of Lowering Water Consumption Using Mixer Taps

The benefits from reducing the water usage in your home are obvious, mainly, it saves money by lowering not only the monthly water bill, but also the electric bill too; less water used is less water to heat using electricity. Another way to save money is by taking shorter showers, limiting morning showers to four minutes can save the average Australian household 20% or more off both the electric bill and the water bill. Mixer taps can help in this regard, as these can be configured or preset to limit the temperature and the amount of water used while taking a shower, or washing the dishes.

An efficient mixer tap can effectively be used to save water by reducing the amount of water wasted while showering, for example, a typical shower-head can easily dispense more than 15 litres of water per minute. A Mixermate tap can reduce or restrict water flow to 6 litres per minute, which is the volume of water that some four-star-rated shower-heads use.

Getting the Right Water Temperature Every Time

It takes time to fiddle with the hot and cold water knobs of standard taps while waiting for the water to become the right temperature, during that time much water is wasted. Instead, modern mixer taps allow you to set the right temperature, so that no water is wasted because of having to juggling between the hot and cold water knobs. And, modern mixer taps only cost a fraction more than conventional taps.

If you want to save money by lowering the water consumption in your home, then choose an efficient mixer tap from Mixermate.

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