Different Shower Types and What Makes Mixer Showers the Best

19 July 2017

Ever since the invention of running water and the eventual creation of the shower, the whole bathing experience has never been the same, just easier and more enjoyable. In fact, showers have evolved with the times, and, clever innovations have created a vast assortment of showers that were once only the stuff of dreams.

Here’s a quick overview of the different shower types out in the market today:

  • Standard overhead shower – these were the showers that became the prototype for all the showers up to the present day. Connected to a built-in pipe that is either connected to a waterline or a reservoir, early showers did not provide hot water, and sometimes didn’t function during the winter month as water froze.
  • Electric showers – originally the pinnacle of bathing comfort, electric showers were the first of a kind to feature a built-in heating mechanism within the water reservoir. Originally the only sort of shower that provided hot baths in an instant, the electric dial allowed one to control (with varying levels of accuracy) the temperature of the water, making for either a perfect (or painful) bath.
  • Power Showers – the shower-type for those who take showering seriously, power showers are essentially showers that shoot controlled pressurised water out of a shower head and onto your body. It comes with a hot or cold option and is very popular in resorts, gyms and spas because it is believed that its forceful nature helps to invigorate the body and improve one’s circulation. This kind of showers consumes a lot of water, and are sometimes difficult to set-up.
  • Mixer showers – mixer showers are unique in that not only are they innovatively designed to combine both hot and cold water sources, they’re also outfitted with ergonomic handles and dials, and deliver an infallibly perfect water temperature, each and every time. It is also economically and ecologically friendly in that it is easy to install and maintain, and mixer showers use a lot less water too.

If you want what’s best and are looking to redefine and improve your overall bathing experience, then don’t settle for antiquated showers of the past. Instead, invest in the best, get a Mixermate mixer shower – an anti-scald tapware that is easy to install and use. With a mixer shower you will relish the art of bathing like you never have before!

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