Change the Way You Shower with Mixermate Thermostatic Mixers

22 February 2023

Showering has had to be the best part of the day, let’s face it. It’s the peaceful pause in the bustling day when you may think about your life. Showering properly is important. So that you may enjoy your shower more, we’ll share with you five reasons why you should change the way you shower with Mixermate thermostatic mixers.

Perfect Temperature Every Time

A small amount of the hot tap, followed by a small amount of the cold tap.  A little bit colder, perhaps. That’s too cold; maybe a bit less cold instead. We are all familiar with the challenge of finding the ideal hot/cold balance for the best shower experience. It bothers you, and it keeps you from spending time reflectively addressing the challenges facing the world. The Mixermate thermostatic shower mixers mix hot and cold water to provide the ideal showering temperature. Once the temperature is adjusted, turning the shower on and off is easy, ensuring that the water is always mixed at the appropriate temperature.

When Someone Uses Another Tap, There Are No Longer Any Cold or Hot Water Bursts

Nothing is worse than being stuck in the corner of the shower. The water has become icy cold because someone else flushed the toilet or ran the sink. After turning off the cold water to resume your shower, you are scalded by the hot water when the temperature changes once more. A cartridge packed with wax is used in a thermostatic shower to balance the flow of hot and cold water. The thermostatic shower valve balances the flow if hot or cold water is reduced to maintain a constant temperature in the shower.

Easy to Operate for the Elderly or People with Disability

As we’ve already discussed, there is no more juggling between hot and cold taps, just an on/off switch and a temperature setting functionality. This makes it ideal for the elderly, people with disability, and any assisted living setting. Some thermostatic shower valves have rubberized grips for those with dexterity concerns. A thermostatic shower will typically allow you to turn it off and restart it at the proper temperature the next time you use it.

Safe for Young Children

How nerve-wracking is it to imagine a young child playing with the taps while in the shower and getting third-degree burns? The good news is that some thermostatic showers have a safety button at 38 degrees. This means that the maximum temperature that will be supplied, even if a young child decides to mess with the temperature settings, is 38 degrees. The only method to disable this safety feature is to turn the handle to a higher temperature while pressing a downward-facing button. The valve adjusts the temperature to avoid hot bursts while balancing hot and cold-water flow. Most thermostatic shower valves incorporate a shut-off feature to avoid burns if the cold-water flow stops. Indeed, an excellent anti-scald tapware perfect for homes with young children.

Tap Washers No More!

Without changing the tile or piping, thermostatic showers can replace existing two-tap showers. The replacement of the shower seat, which often houses the washer, is a step in the procedure. This eliminates leaky showers, the yearly expense of replacing tap washers, and, most importantly, water waste!

Are you convinced you need our Mixermate Thermostatic shower to make your shower experience even better? Check out our range of thermostatic showers, which any licensed plumber can install to replace your current two-tap shower. Change the way you shower with our thermostatic shower mixer! All our products are built to last and are perfect for any bathroom setting. Contact us at (03) 9583 0965 today!

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