Benefits of Mattsson Thermostatic Showers

26 October 2016

When using traditional shower taps, taking a shower can produce unpredictable water temperature. When water temperature fluctuates, taking a shower can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous. That is why having Mattsson thermostatic showers in the home is not only a smart idea, but it increase the safety of the whole family, young and old.

The Benefits of Having Mattsson Thermostatic Showers in the Home

Safety, that is the number one benefit of having thermostatic showers in your home because these not only regulate the water flow, they also precisely regulate water temperature. Scalding still happens unexpectedly in homes when people are showering, that’s because of using standardised taps that require twisting both the hot and cold knobs to control water temperature. Unfortunately, it is the very young and old who are often affected.

Twisting and turning knobs takes time, in fact, it only takes 3 seconds of exposure to hot water to scald the skin. When children or elderly folks take a shower, and very hot water spews out unexpectedly, panic usually ensues to turn off the water as soon as possible, and during that time people get scalded, slip, and may even fall down.

Thankfully, Mattsson thermostatic showers prevent that situation from ever happening in your home, by using technology that precisely regulates water temperature.

– Pressure Balanced

Thermostatic showers are designed to adjust quickly to unexpected fluctuations in water pressure to provide a continuous steady flow of water from the shower head.

– Built-in Thermostatic

Whenever, or if ever, the supply of water changes rapidly from hot to cold, Mattsson mixers automatically adjusts to the preset temperature you set, ensuring a uniform outflow of water that will never cause scalding.

– Automatic Turn-off Switch

If either the cold or hot water pressure cuts off unexpectedly or the temperature you’ve set cannot be maintained, the water will shut off completely. For example, if the cold water is interrupted, no hot water will flow out if it exceeds the set temperature. This is just another added safety benefit of owning a Mattsson thermostatic shower.

– Ease of Use

With only a single lever to turn on and off the water, a thermostatic shower is very easy to use, and is ideal in that it frees up a hand that can be used to balance one’s self while showering.

The last benefit of owning a Mattsson thermostatic shower is that it saves money by regulating not only water temperature, but limits the amount of water that is used daily. In this way, people save money because of reduced water usage.

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