Benefits of Having Hot and Cold Shower for Sore Muscles

28 February 2017

Whenever you engage in strenuous exercise, the interior walls of your blood vessels widen (vasodilation) due to greater amounts of NO2 in your body, sending more oxygen via your bloodstream to all the muscles of your body. These vessels remain enlarged for an hour or more following your vigorous workout. During this time, certain waste materials like lactic acid in your body can enter your muscles, causing persistent aches and pains. By first taking a cold shower, you can help your veins and arteries contract again and lessen the levels of waste that accumulate.

Further Steps Necessary to Alleviate Muscular Soreness

After your initial cold shower to help return your veins and arteries to their original interior size, you should take more steps to help prevent the recurrence of muscular pain from exercise, such as:

  • Rest. – After your cold shower, lie flat on a bed, couch or comfortable flat surface and relax your entire body, starting from your toes and working upward until you reach the top of your head.
  • Stretch. – Perform simple, easy stretching routines to keep your muscles relaxed and supple for your next daily workout;
  • Massage Muscles. – Massage your muscles and joints to keep them in a constant pliable and flexible mode.
  • Shower in Warm or Hot Water. – By showering in soothing warm or hot water repeatedly, you can best maintain a state of pain-free relaxation throughout your body’s muscular structure.

Different Results of Hot and Cold Showers for Painful Muscles

You can count on hot and cold showers to bring you very different results. For example, a cold shower numbs your nerves and thus lessens your muscular pains as it injects inflammatory-soothing agents into sore areas of your muscles. If your joints or limbs are swollen following sports activity, a cold shower will help the swelling and muscle inflammation decrease in intensity. Take a cold shower, also, If you should experience muscle strains identified by the occurrence of spiking pain.

Hots showers, on the other hand, are good for keeping your blood vessels somewhat dilated to enhance a more comfortable, fast recovery after strenuous sports activity. Showering in warm or hot water will also help reduce cramping in joints, tendons and muscle tissue. Hot showers are usually more relaxing for most athletes, as well, helping both your body and mind return to a calmer state following fast-paced athletic activity.

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