Benefits of electronic basin auto tap for the elderly

27 April 2015

The numbers of elderly people across the globe are rapidly increasing. The great news is that new innovative technologies are making the quality of their life much better. One of the many things now available to them to assist in everyday living is electronic basin taps. This not only saves water, but it offers so much more convenience in a pain free method.

Even elderly people who suffer from dementia can benefit from these easy to use taps. If they forget little things like turning off the taps then this is a solution that can’t be beat. All you have to do is call the professionals at Mixer Mate to see what options will best suit your needs.

No one knows what lack of mobility and ailment related pain can be like unless you have experienced it for yourself. Something as simple as turning a water tap on can lead to frustration and even physical pain. Now these everyday activities can be convenient and pain free. They are even great for people who do not have age related ailments.

These electronic basin taps for the elderly or those who just want the added luxury are touch free. Not only are they convenient, but they maximise hygienic methods by reducing the chance of germ transfer. They are also extremely efficient offering maximum water preservation.

If you or someone that you love needs a little help with day to day things or you are interested in a more modernised upgrade that will save water and reduce transfer of germs then call Mixer Mate today. Life doesn’t have to hurt. Furthermore, this is a cost effective way to reduce the amount of water used. You won’t have to have any invasive plumbing replaced. No tiles have to be removed, and installation is always done by licensed professionals who care.

There are a number of other services available. Just check out their website at to see for yourself how easy it can be to live life without the simple things being a challenge. There are shower, basin and laundry options available for easy to use or electronic taps. They come in a variety of colours, and the cost of all is more than competitive. The little things we take for granted can change someone’s life that lives with chronic pain.

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals to see what they can do for you or your loved one today.

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