Benefits of Changing Old Shower Taps to Mixermate Taps

13 October 2017

Things in the world are constantly changing because technology keeps on improving and making things better. New tools, equipment and household instruments are replacing the things of the old century, such as the old shower taps, these are becoming obsolete as people are changing them for something better.

Why Change Old Shower Taps?

Traditional shower taps are old technology, although these have been used for many decades, there are now better taps available like Mixermate taps. Technology has finally caught up with shower taps, these are now being replaced regularly with Mixermate Taps because they give you more convenience in taking showers.

As old shower taps deteriorate, these can still be used even though their performance drops, as these can leak from many years of use. When it comes time to buy new taps, you will be impressed about the new functionality that Mixermate taps offer. The new technology provides you with consistent water temperature, prevents scolding and unexpected cold water from spewing out while you are taking a shower. This makes them ideal for use in homes with children and elderly.

Benefits of Mixermate Taps Explained

Balances Water Pressure for You

Mixermate taps have a mechanism to effectively manage any sudden change of water pressure. This feature not only controls water pressure, but also saves water by preventing unnecessary flow that will would otherwise be wasted

Balances Temperature Effectively

The preset temperature regulator of the Mixermate ensures that water temperature is at the desired level all the time. You will not have to worry about any sudden fluctuation of water temperature that could hurt your skin, thus allowing you to enjoy the same comfortable shower every time.

Auto Switch-Off Mechanism for Safety

If there is a chance that the water temperature you desire cannot be maintained, a temperature control mechanism will automatically turn-off the water to prevent scalding.

This is a very important feature, especially for families that have small children and elderly living in the home.

In a world with ever-improving technology, Mixermate taps are a much welcome upgrade from typical taps because of the many benefits these offer. The reasons to change old shower taps to new Mixermate taps are many, mainly because they are safer and prevent scalding, they regulate water pressure effectively, and they are easy to use (requiring only one hand to operate them).

Mixermate taps are also easy to install and requires no drilling or construction work, they simply mount over existing plumbing and can be installed in about an hour.

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