Bathroom and Kitchen Thermostatic Tapware Needs: Mixermate Product Line Gives You the Best

28 February 2018

Whether you are washing your hands in the bathroom or preparing to clean some dishes, it’s always nice to know that your tapware will work exactly as you need it to. Have you ever burned your hands because of a fickle faucet handle? Have you ever had to fight with a tap for far-too-long in order to get the exact temperature that you need? These problems, which are so common around the country and the rest of the world, can easily become a thing of the past thanks to thermostatic tapware. Today, we are going to take a close look at the Mixermate line of thermostatic tapware products in order to show you why you should be ready to revolutionise your taps.

Thermostatic Tapware: Kitchen and Bathroom Benefits

While most people aren’t really students of the ‘tapware industry’, it never hurts to have an inside look at what is going on and right now Mixermate thermostatic tapware is all the rage. Thermostatic tapware is probably a new concept for many of our readers and for that reason we’ll take a moment to explain what it is and why the Mixermate product line does it best.

What is a thermostatic mixer?

A thermostatic mixer, whether for your shower or your kitchen sink, is a special kind of valve that simultaneously mixes both your hot and cold water to the temperature of your choice. You simply dial in your temperature before using the valve and your water will instantly adjust to your target. If there is any sort of failure within your water line, from either the hot or cold side, the valve will shut off and thus prevent either scalding hot or freezing cold water from hurting you.

As you can see, thermostatic mixers are hugely beneficial to people who want to take control of their water environment. Now, why should you consider using Mixermate brand thermostatic tapware around your house? Here are a few simple reasons.

  1. Safety – When you can dial in your exact temperature, you never have to worry about getting burned from heat or cold. This is especially important for the elderly or those with sensitive skin issues.
  2. Convenience – You’ll never have to dial in your temperature again. Simply switch the tap on and you have the water you need at the temperature that you requested.
  3. Energy Efficient – Finally, the Mixermate thermostatic tapware products are made with energy efficiency in mind. Spend less time wasting water and more time maximising your water usage.

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