Bathing solutions for the elderly!

09 May 2014

As we get older our bodies start to become immobilised in a sense of the word and we start to have difficulty with normal everyday functions such as opening taps and bathing. The bathroom thus becomes a place of danger and despair for someone who has to constantly ask for assistance. The bathroom will have to be fixed up and changed to accommodate for an elderly person and the same goes for someone who has suffered and injury, an illness or is disabled. Taps become hard to open, floors become slippery and pretty soon you have more accidents and injuries than planned for.

With the technological advances of our modern day living there are so many options one could look at to make the bathroom a perfectly safe place. Self-wipe or lift-able toilet seats for instance, non-slip bath and shower mats and grab handles helps, there are also the raising or lowering of basins and toilets that will all benefit a tremendous amount to add comfort in a bathroom.

How nice and easy it is for us to take a quick shower in the morning or the evening after a long day, and come out feeling refreshed and alive. How easily we can turn taps and adjust the water for that perfect heat that just energises our bodies. Now imagine how the ill and elderly must feel not being able to do that on their own, having their privacy taken just because they cannot get the taps open or set the water to the correct heat? This is very disheartening and frustrating and could ultimately prove to be a hazard as well.

There is hope nonetheless as mixer taps with a long cord and one easily handled lever can give back the power once taken from the elderly or ill. Mixer taps provide water that is the correct temperature and the lever makes for easy opening and closing thus can be handled with safety even by children.

There are other ways to also give them the independence they crave like installing a cordless phone if they should need assistance. Making sure that the lighting in the bathroom is sufficient and walking surfaces ought to be non-slip. Basins and even toilets can be lowered or even heightened if needed to provide more comfort and ease of use as well as grab handles.

Items that they will require for washing-up or bathing must also be easy to reach like toothpaste, soap or shampoo. For that extra comfort one could also consider having soap dispensers installed not only in the bathroom at the basin, bath or shower but also in the kitchen at the sink. Mixer taps should also be installed in the kitchen and bathroom for the basins, bathtub and shower. Mixer taps with hose extensions are ideal by providing that extra reach that is sometimes required with all the other benefits.

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