Anti-Scald Tapware Solutions from Mixermate

25 September 2015

What is your oldest memory of getting burnt with the hot tap or shower water? Most folks have some recollection of getting a hot blast of unexpected water spewed out of a showerhead; it’s not fun and doesn’t feel good. We all have had those days when water suddenly gets too hot for comfort, potentially giving us burns on our hands or face. However, you and your children do not need to suffer such a fate, because there is a way to prevent it. How?

Introducing anti-scald technology that allows homeowners to ensure that tapware is safe for the whole family, regardless of age. And, it’s brought to you by Mixermate. The company takes extreme care in ensuring that you and your family stay safe from potential burns, no matter how hot the water in your house is. They do this by providing property owners with easily installed anti-scalding tapware.

What are anti-scald tapware from Mixermate?

The anti-scald technology was originally designed to prevent hot water burns. It does this by preventing taps from throwing extremely hot water hot by controlling temperature through a thermostat. High quality Mixermate tapware take this technology to an entirely new level of safety, geared towards children and elderly folks.

Their superior tapware products not only use thermostat technology for temperature control, but their tapware also cuts off water supply completely in case water get too hot, scalding hot. Mixermate tapware solution with anti-scald technology is beneficial for any home with children.

How is Mixermate different?

How is Mixermate different? The tapware from Mixermate is self-regulating and can be used with any tap of your choice, and no construction is necessary to install these in your home. For people who absolutely want to control the water temperature in the home, such as in cases where family members have health conditions which make them sensitive to water temperature fluctuations,

Mixermate provides a solution that they can depend on – anti-scald tapware.

Mixermate has been working on thermostat showers and taps for many years now, and they can provide you and your family with the most reliable anti-scald tap connections available. Their cost-effective services cover all the fixtures that you will need, no matter where in your house you need them.

Installing anti-scalding tapware in your home

Getting a thermostat controlled water system installed for your taps is fast and easy with Mixermate. You can find more information about Mixermate’s anti-scald tapware and other products they offer here:

Mixermate has the Quality Shower Mixer You Want

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable selection of mixed shower fixtures for your home or company, but simply won’t settle for anything less than the very best functionality, then have a look at Mixermate shower mixers. Not only do they look great, these boast the easy to operate one lever system, they are also easy to install and don’t require any construction. Learn more by visiting their homepage today:

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