An Overview of How Mixer Tap Works

20 January 2023

Has the mixer tap trend caught your attention yet? You most likely have, especially if your house has every modern convenience from the last ten years or more. They are, first and foremost, sleek, fashionable, and trendy, which is a winning combination. But a mixer tap smartly eliminates the need for separate hot and cold taps. It elegantly combines both in the design of your choice, making the distinction more about convenience and simplicity. But today, rather than discussing the widespread use of this innovation in modern plumbing, we’re going to examine how a mixer tap works.

It’s one of the most frequent inquiries from our more interested customers. For a good reason, combining the hot and cold-water sources into a single plumbing fixture provided the user with the simplest means to achieve the ideal temperature.

Then, how does the mixer tap work? To best answer that one, let’s take a quick look at a broader topic: How do taps work?

• The main water line is connected to the tap.

• When the tap is not switched on, mains water is kept in a chamber.

• Turn the handle counterclockwise to activate the faucet. This releases an internal valve, causing the water to start flowing.

The procedure is the same for hot and cold taps, so if there isn’t a mixer tap, you’ll have to manually adjust both to achieve a temperature other than entirely hot or fully cold. While there are many different styles, types, and variations of taps, the way they function is essentially the same throughout the spectrum, including the mixer tap.

How therefore does the mixer tap utilise the exact fundamental tap mechanism while deftly fusing hot and cold sources to enable the user to move a single lever to achieve the precise hot water temperature they desire? Let’s explain:

• A mixer tap has either one or two controls for the hot and cold water in a single plumbing fixture with one spout; with the single-control version, moving the control in one way is for “hotter,” while the other direction is for “colder.”

• Plumbers typically refer to several small holes inside the tap unit as valves or butterflies because of their shape. Using the control(s) will open more or fewer holes until, at the extreme, all holes are open and either fully hot or fully cold temperatures are reached. The single fixture is linked to the standard mains supply (cold) and the line from your hot water system.

• Warm water is a specially formulated mixture of hot and cold water. It will imply that not all hot and cold water “holes” are accessible. However, the way a mixer taps functions ensures that you never have to choose between “hot,” “cold,” and “warm.” The mixer tap’s great brilliance is its ability to respond quickly to even the slightest changes in the lever’s position, allowing you to control the temperature you want precisely.

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