Advantages of Electronic Basin Sensor Taps

28 June 2016

People are increasingly becomingly conscious towards how they use and save natural resources, especially water. Without a doubt, water is the most precious resource on the planet, and, thankfully, technology is constantly being used in new ways to conserve it. For example, electronic basin sensor taps is a definite step in that direction, but these also offer many other benefits as well.

Widely used in commercial buildings, these taps are now being adopted by more and more residential buildings for various reasons. If someone has suggested you to use these electronic taps for your home, it’s because they care.

Here are the reasons why you should be looking at them:

Water Conservation

Whether or not water conservation is an issue in your area, an electronic basin sensor tap can help residential homes and commercial buildings save up to 70% or more off water usage. Gone are the days when you may have forgotten to close the taps completely, or simply use more water than required. With preset flow timings or the use of motion sensors, these taps shut down the water flow as soon as you are done with what you are doing. This considerably decreases the amount of water used in basin taps.

Easy to Own and Install

Unfortunately, many folks believe that sensor taps are expensive? Actually, entry-level sensor taps are only slightly more than the regular price for bathroom taps. Also, if you’re planning to get them through a company that specialises in mixer taps, you can save some money. In fact, when you think of the money that an electronic basin sensor tap will save you off your water bill each month, then it becomes obvious that these pay for themselves.

No worrying about installation either because these taps are easily installed by a plumber, and no drilling or construction is required to install them. Electronic basin sensor taps fit right in place of your existing taps, so no new parts are needed or new plumbing required.

Hygiene Friendly

Because these are sensor operated taps, no one needs to touch them to turn on the water. So, any hygiene concerns about bacteria transferring from one person to another is eliminated. Even children can safely use these basin taps without having to rotate any knobs, and there is no chance of water being left on because the advanced infrared sensor technology ensures that water flow is controlled.

Mixermate Australia offers the most advanced and affordable set of electronic basin sensor taps, as well as thermostatic mixer taps, available. For more information how Mixermate can help you, please contact us here today.

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