Advantages of Drill-Free Tapware

15 January 2016

When it comes to bathroom amenities, the installation of tapware usually comes with some frustration and often times some light construction work is necessary, such as drilling holes into shower walls or bathroom sink cabinets.

Back in the old days, installing faucets, shower-heads, drainage pipes and other means of plumbing was a rough job that needed to be done prior to all the finishing touches that went into a home’s interior. However, it was a chore, nothing was as bothersome as having to replace faulty faucets, drains, and other kinds of tapware. Not only did this curtail a lot of work, with regards to removing the damaged or faulty fixtures, but it also necessitated a total deconstruction of whatever pre-existing tile-and-grout work or plasterwork you already have in place, making it a serious investment issue to deal with.

This problem continues to persist to this day, especially with respect to people who have chosen to stick with old-fashioned tapware and fixtures instead of investing in newer, more hassle-free ones like Mixermate tapware. If you want to save yourself some money, when it comes to repairing or replacing old tapware fixtures, but don’t know what best tapwares to choose, then consider drill-free tapware, by Mixermate.

Unlike conventional tapware that is difficult to install, maintain, or replace, this drill-free one provides you with relative ease of installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. One of the most bothersome reasons why old tapware is often left alone is the relatively high cost of repairing and replacement them. Unlike old-fashioned tapware, drill-free tapware offers the following benefits:

Drill-free nature – this means that you no longer have to drill any extra holes or otherwise modify an area to suit the installation needs of a tap. Gone are the days when you needed a professional plumber to re-drill new holes whenever you needed a fixture replaced which did not fit the original pre-set fixtures of your plumbing.

Quick replacement – unlike old-fashioned tapware, drill-free ones have this unique feature which allows it to fit over pre-existing plumbing. Not only does this mean less invasive methods of installation, this also makes replacement in the event of damage easier and hassle-free.

Universal fixtures – no longer will you have to settle for a less-than-stylish type of tapware simply by virtue of its having the wrong fixture, now you can have the tapware that you find aesthetically pleasing, and not have to worry about whether or not it fits, thanks to drill-free Mixermate tapware.

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