Accessibility ideas to consider in a bathroom for the elderly

30 January 2015

How about those of us who are with severe arthritis? What do we do in the shower or with any kind of plumbing that needs our turn of the hands? Well, now we have Mixermate!

Mixermate turns your old hard-to-use taps into a very friendly and easy use single lever mixer tap. Ideally, for elderly folks who wrestle with the effect of arthritis, the Mixermate can be turned using only a finger. There are some advantages of Mixermate that you will appreciate; one is that you elude expensive plumbing costs associated with having to remove tiles to install new taps.

Just think, not only can Mixermate turn any hot and cold tap into single lever tap, it can also be installed in an amazingly short amount of time, about an hour. There is no removing tiles, no drilling into walls, no more changing washers, it is cost effective, an easy installation and perfect for people with arthritis or low hand function.

Mixermate is water saving and has Australian Made fittings. Using the existing plumbing, the Mixermate tap simply mounts on top of the wall. Suitable for your shower, bath, basin, sink and laundry cover. It is also available in assorted colours such as white, ivory, chrome and stainless Steel.

It’s easy to turn your old hard-to-use tap into an easy-to-use single lever tap, and it is beneficial for businesses as well. Mixermate taps are effectively being utilized in retirement facilities, in hospitals and nursing homes with much success. Visit our website to see the full range of taps and devices available which includes items such as thermostatic mixing valves and thermostatic showers.

This handy one lever tap is recommended by professionals in the care industry, occupational therapists and architects to avoid hot water burns.

Mixermate Warranty

It is important to note that a Registered or Licensed Plumber must install the Mixermate system or the warranty will be void. The mixer tap is covered by the Linkware Australia Pty Ltd warranty, the fittings are covered by a 12-month warranty, and the Mixermate is cover is covered by a 12-month warranty. Cleaning is simple, just use warm soapy water. Do not use an abrasive or acid based cleaning agent. Doing this will void the warranty.

The Mixermate is not to be used for load bearing as a support aid. In fact, it is not intended to be used as a support aid in any way. The warranty on any part of the Mixermate components and/or system are limited to the conditions noted in the Linkware Australia Pty Ltd information headed ‘Ceramic Cartridge.

Stay away from unnecessary costs, turn to the respectable plumbers and enjoy your Mixermate! For more information about Mixermate and other products, please visit our website:

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