A Quick Comparison between Manual and Thermostatic Showers

29 September 2021

A home property will never be complete if it does not contain a bathroom. The bathroom is an essential part of the property since it allows occupants to take a bath and conduct other hygiene-related activities. Given its associated functions, it must boast fixtures that can be beneficial for the said space.

One bathroom fixture that must be considered thoroughly by a homeowner and their respective families is the shower. A shower lets people take a proper good bath under their preferred water temperature.

With the advancements in technology, manufacturers have come up with a wide array of shower options. Two shower options that are popular today are manual and thermostatic. While both shower options help occupants take their needed baths, their working principles and composition differ. Here are some more details that you should know about manual and thermostatic showers.

Manual Showers

Manual showers do not truly have control over the nature of the water output. Instead, they would let users control the flow of the hot and cold water through handles until they obtain their desired water temperature. The manual user control of these showers may provide liberty to occupants. However, their water flow can also be inconsistent since they depend heavily on the water movement in other parts of a property. This situation can then be a serious problem for some property owners.

One problem that property owners may encounter in utilising manual showers is that they are prone to bursts of hot or cold water, especially if taps and toilets are used. And if there are children or elderly living inside the property, they might get shocked by the sudden water output that is configured by the last shower user. This situation may even lead to scalding incidents and other accidents in the bathroom.

Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic showers, alternatively, are best known for their ability to maintain water flow and temperatures throughout their operations. With these showers, users can easily control the overall flow of the water. And thanks to their thermostatic cartridge, the water temperature of thermostatic showers remains constant despite being used by many users. Some thermostatic showers even shut off automatically if they cannot provide the needed water for the properties.

Their water temperature and flow control as well as their automatic shutdown function make thermostatic showers recommended for a lot of properties as they can easily prevent scalding incidents and other injuries obtained from too hot water. Apart from home properties, thermostatic showers can also be maximised by healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and retirement villages.

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