5 Top Reasons Why You Need Mixer Taps for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

13 February 2017

Mixer taps are essential to the design and functionality of a modern kitchen or bathroom design today. No longer will you need to struggle with hand-mixing the hot and cold taps of your bathroom sinks, tub and shower to achieve the desired temperature. It will no longer be a guessing game as to whether or not you can shower or help the kids wash their faces without a drastic rise or drop in water temperature from the faucets. With an easy, efficient installation of a single lever mixer tap, you can turn your tap on and off with a simple flick of a finger and always enjoy the water temperature you desire.

Five Top Reasons Why Mixer Taps for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Are a Necessity

Five major reasons for installing mixer taps on your kitchen and bath fixtures include the following:

1. Fast Installation. – Mixer taps can be installed within one hour’s time without disruption of your busy daily routine. There is no need to remove wall tiles or to drill into your wall in order to complete the installation process, so there is no mess to clean up afterward. This simple setup procedure for your mixer taps never requires follow-up repairs or adjustments, and your new single-lever water temperature mixer requires no instruction for use.

2. Easy Use. – This hot/cold water temperature regulator can be easily used by every member of your household, including young children. Even very small hands can move the lever without stress to quickly to mix the right balance of hot and cold. By standing on a children’s step-stool at the bathroom or kitchen sink, even toddlers can easily learn the difference between hot and cold water and how to prevent tap water from becoming too hot for safe use. Many older adults with arthritis and other joint problems can use this mixer tap without pain or strain.

3. Cost Efficiency. – This advanced mixer tap and its installation are very cost-efficient, offering you the opportunity to save money for another important home installation or repair project.

4. Convenience of Setup. – This streamlined, easy-to-install mixer tap setup uses the existing plumbing in your home, so there is never any need to call a plumber to help with this installation.

5. Low Maintenance. – This simplified water temperature controller for your bath and kitchen fixtures eliminates the bothersome need to constantly change fixture washers since it operates smoothly without them.

For the best professional installation of a modern mixer tap in your kitchen or bathroom, contact Mixermate Australia today. The prompt, friendly and experienced installation team of this respected company will provide a fast, quality setup of your new mixer tap so you can enjoy the great convenience this product offers to all homeowners.

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